Sky News- Chancellor attacks Labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shackles_and_Flags, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. "That's not a war we are likely to face."

    Famous last words?
  2. Been there, done that, got the..... :tshirt:
  3. You said it 21 M. Or perhaps they'll just turn off the gas :D
  4. There have been recent incidents where Russian Tupelov Tu95 (Bear) aircraft have been 'testing' our responses, just like they did in the 60's.
    Perhaps they were just being nostalgic. :wink:
  5. Just as we were not prepared for the invasion of the Falkland Islands under Thatcher, I look forward but with trepidation as to just how Osborne and the chuckle brothers intend to defend the realm.
  8. I notice that Osborne is generally attacking the MoD; not his honourable friend. The MoD has been beaten to submission for at least the last 15 years. There have been so many "initiatives" to comply with political objectives (some totally bone) that it is hard to put up a plausible defence. The MoD is still not perfect and probably never will be; but most of the people in it are commited to the end product.

    The MoD is no longer able to distinguish which savings were from which initiative nor which additional costs have been incurred. We need a period of stability that we are clearly never going to get.
  9. Read the Sunday Times today and be depressed, very depressed. Thrust of argument is that it's all the carriers fault distorting the budget and that they're a cold war weapon that we don't need (or if we did it would be WW3 and they'd easily be sunk). Reading between the lines Dannatt and Stirrup have won the internal battle in MB.

    Suggested plan is to build one and "mothball" it (how that works for FAA/JFH, I don't know) - at best!
  10. It's the same crap as usual, make the navy as small as possible so we can pay some namby pamby crapfat to sit around all day talking about the battle of britain and how he can compare himself to one of the few, the sooner the MP's get a bloody grip and end the 90 year experiment the better. BIn the Royal Air Farce and put the money into two commited forces, the RN and the Army, who HAVE actually achieved victories and have made an effective contribution to our great nation. (Puts soapbox back under pit)
  11. Labour MPs are not honourable "friends" to Tories and Liberals, that accolade is reserved for members of the same Party. To Osbourne, Labour MPs would be referred to in the House as the "honourable member" - in this case both Broon and Darling were definitely pricks of the first order!

    Let's hope the new boys in charge don't turn out to be the same.
  12. Sorry, I'd latched on to;

    The phrase "not thrilled" is quite strong language from within the Cabinet.

    The other point related to

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