Sky News: "Armed Forces Launch New Recruitment Drive"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. "The British Armed Forces have launched a new recruitment campaign in an attempt to reverse the dwindling number of new entrants, particularly to the Army Reserve.

    Television, radio, cinema and print adverts will be broadcast and published nationally.

    Titled 'More Than Meets The Eye', the ads aim to demonstrate the wide range of roles available in the military after a survey carried out by the Ministry of Defence revealed that nearly one in four Britons were unhappy with their current career."

    Armed Forces Launch New Recruitment Drive
  2. army amry army

    thats all it ever is
  3. They certainly have sexed up the adverts for the Call of Duty playing generation...
  4. Ouch. When did the big recruitment push begin?

    Whilst that's only one data point and thus completely untrustworthy for extrapolating, that's a rate of about 6000 people a year. The top bods do remain adamant they'll meet the 2015 targets, though. To be fair, I've had a root through the last MoD QPR and I can't quite see exactly what Sky News means when they say "1,630 fewer Reservists "
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