Sky: "Jubilee Celebrations Start Off With A Bang"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. Watched it from Fort Blockhouse, remembering just in time that the saluting guns on the South Bastion are frickin' loud when you are twenty yards away.

    Grand show. HMS Diamond looked fantastic. HMS Blazer and her sister ship were doing fancy manoeuvres in front of her, the tugs were mucking about doing pirouettes, water fountain and all that malarkey. Good Wafu flypast. Even the Crabs turned up despite it being a Friday.
  2. I'm surprised Sky News even got the right date ......bloody presenters are a disgrace.

    Howlers so far include

    (to a RM) - so are you a sailor or a soldier?

    (to a couple of kids) - so are you brother and sister which the reply came no we're brothers

    (to other presenters) what's a sort of a boat again is a rib?

    And not forgeting of course 'Do the Navy really have helicopters?' .......yes they do even though this bloody government have tried its best to get rid of everything FAA
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  3. You could add the comment "HMS President is tied up alongside the embankment..." (or words to that effect). Only about 20 years late I believe - HMS President types can confirm when they actually moved ashore.
  4. Apart from the dodgy Sky reporting though (and the BBC wasn't much better) it was a brilliant day for the RN - huge dollops of positive PR - couldn't have asked for better.
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  5. February 1988.
  6. wal

    wal Badgeman

    .... and once again The HMS... from the bollix broad caster. Boils my piss does that.
  7. The BBC was equally awful. Fern Cotton interviewing veterans on HMS BELFAST was a tad shit and they seemed to have image broadcast issues too. Plus it would have been nice if the Directors had at least tried to show what the commentator was talking about.

    Was a good day though and HM clearly enjoyed herself.
  8. HRH Philip looked like he enjoyed every single minute of it and I loved the jigging to the Hornpipe at the end - a great day had by all (including yours truly several thousand miles away from it all but glued to the box all day)
  9. Can anyone explain why the Diamond's gunners were all lagged up in anti-flash to fire their pea shooter while the pongos manage to fire their gun salutes dressed in 19th century style uniforms.Has the RN's 'elf 'n safety bods gone over the top or are the pongoes a law unto themselves?
  10. Pongo's are easily replaced ;-)
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  11. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They are practising for their next deployment to the southern Sates of the USA. If the camera had panned round it would have shown the burning fiery cross.
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