Sky: "End of the Iconic Yellow Sea King Chopper"

Civilianising the SAR aircraft has been talked about for yonks, it's not that much of a shock for the RN and crab crews.

It will mean more jobs for the boys after leaving the mob though!!!!

Every cloud has a silver lining!
soleil said:
The clip of Glen More lodge had the memory muscle going.

I flew to the lodge on a shout in 82 and I thought it was a single story building until I opened the curtains on the lower floor to be confronted with a wall of white.

Yellow Perils or Naval blue and reds the new SAR service will at least provide the well needed cover we need.


I'm sure this will somehow cost the MoD money. Most Government privatisation initiatives cost more than they save in the long term - funny how politicians don't care about that bit.
Apparently the RAF argument is that they are undermanned due to having to send crews out to Afghan/Iraq, and this was having an effect on the effectiveness of their contributions here with SAR flights.
Truth Central’s angle on it;

The cabin, that is over 1.7 metres high, has a large door on the starboard side
I expect they will shortly (did you see what I did?) be recruiting the midgets to operate them.

The black and orange livery will: maximise visibility; signal that this is an emergency service; represent the MOD and the MCA by including the RAF, RN and MCA insignia on all helicopters
That should look like a boy scout’s shirt sleeve, then.

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