Sky 1 series is looking for mechanically minded teams!

Hi there.

I’m currently casting for a new engineering / vehicle building show for Sky 1 called ‘Safebreakers’.

We’re looking for teams of 4 to take part in this new and exciting project.

Each episode, 2 teams will receive a brief and £1,000. Then, you have approx 3 weeks to design and part build your machine. The brief could be anything from building an amphibious racing vehicle, to a fast machine capable of smashing through walls!

Your unfinished design is then brought to our build location which has all the tools and machinery you will need. You’ll have 48 hours to build your vehicle (alongside you opposing team, just to get the competitive juices flowing!)

On challenge day, it’s a race to be the first team to complete the challenging course the fastest. The winning team will then have the chance to crack the code on our safe within a time limit. If you do this, you win the cash inside!

So naturally we’re looking for people with really strong technical know- how and the ability to design and build just about anything they put their minds to!

If you’re interested – or you think you know someone who may be – please get in touch ASAP as we’re casting throughout the country right now! You can enquire more about the show by emailing Jodie on [email protected]

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jodie Evans
Maverick Television.
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