Sky 1 HD - Thursday, November 21st 2013 - "Inside RAF Brize Norton"

"This November, Sky 1 HD will premiere the observational documentary series "Inside RAF Brize Norton".

The seven-part series will embed viewers in the intense, engaging world of one of the biggest and busiest Air Force bases on the planet, which supports all UK military operations around the globe."

Inside RAF Brize Norton
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Well, once you have the dynamic intro (including "gritty, street" voice over by Ross Kemp or Dexter Fletcher), you cut to adverts, followed by rehash of what happened before the adverts, continuing with some over-dramatic editing of some 'so called' crisis, more adverts, more rehashing of previous "dramatic incident" [sic], emotional clip of REMF kissing his MQ wench and fat kids before flying out somewhere hot for a couple of months, adverts, rehash... ad nauseum, until you have enough guff to fill seven weeks of airtime.

It's amazing how easy this TV 'meejya' thing is, really... :cool:
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