Skoot! A new word enters the English language...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. A new word has just entered the English language. The word is SKOOT.

    A Skoot (noun) is defined as any thread on Rum Ration exceeding 1000 posts... named in honour of the thread's initiator: the first to get 1000 responses to his original question.

    To Skoot (verb) is to try and emulate Skoot's original post.

    The person who posts the 1000th post is known as a Skooter.

    Rum Ration's FIRST Skooter is Drunken Engineer and I owe him a wet!

    Congratulations First Skooter DE & Skoot1984 him/her/it-self.

    More info below:
  2. I do hope that the Gay language does not go down the road " I`ve been skooted "
  3. PMSL!

    I've been Skooted means I've done it 1000 times. What the "it" might be is left to the imagination of the Skootee, who may or may not be a Skootsman.
  4. never heard of a shoot n' scoot then..?
  5. I must admit I was hanging around waiting for the 999th post and was typing like a man possessed to get the 1000th in.

    It is a signal honour to be the first Skooter and I accept your congratulations with dignity and a rather humbled sense of pride.

    I would like to thank my fellow Rum Rationers for keeping the thread going. I must also thank Mrs DE for her patience and odd looks when I tell her what I've been doing on line.

    But that's a whole new thread.......
  6. A humbled sense of Pride??? :confused: :lol:
  7. The Suits and Barbara s will never let you down
  8. Skoot! I usually say fuck off.
  9. "Humbled sense of Pride???"

    One of them oxy morons. Bit like a welding set but different....!
    The best I could do at the time.

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