Skipping Ranks?


If they Navy decided that they really needed our 17 year old PHD holding nuclear scientist to hold a commission above the rank of midshipman they do have a loop hole in BR3 1012 (b)

(5) Temporary Commissions in Times of Emergency. The Defence Council may

grant a temporary commission in the RNR/RMR, in such rank as may be deemed
appropriate, to suitable persons who volunteer their services in times of
emergency. Temporary officers of the RNR/RMR will be entitled, while so
employed, to the rank, pay and allowances of the corresponding permanent rank
in the RNR/RMR and generally will be treated in all other respects, and be subject
to the same regulations, as permanent RNR/RMR officers. Such officers will be
liable to service either ashore or afloat as may be directed by the Defence Council
until their commission is terminated.


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
An emergency requiring a nuclear physics doctorate will be resolved one way or the other pretty quickly...