Skip Jack Fannys on Mermaids

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by funkycook62, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Am i being dopey ? or do Mermaids Chuffs " Smell of Fish ?
  2. Right now listen funks, sit down and listen carefully because uncle ratty needs to tell you a few facts now you are a big boy.
    Mummy/Daddy are the toothfairies, Daddy is usually Father christmas, and Mermaids, well to put it as painlessly as possible,......................
    ..................Don't fcukin exist. 8O :roll: :cry: :twisted:

    Sorry :( :?
  3. ok : point taken " but the Gosport Gobbler begs to differ ?
  4. Well, 'Splash' wasn't fiction was it? In colour that fcuker!!
  5. The question before us is 'Where is the clitoris'? -
  6. Yes, where do they get that Hake in their parts? cod it be ia a funny plaice, and if so how do they have a whale of a time. :roll: 8O :D
  7. As all good sailors know, although things in colour are generally perceived to be true, this is only so if the credits include Walt Disney or "Good old Fred Quimby"
    In recent years I believe there has been a lobby to include Hanna Barbra
  8. I agree. That bunny off the 'caramel chocolate bar' advert was in colour, and I would of fcuked her all over!!
  9. mermaids dont have a clit there always wet so no need to bother with it
  10. I suppose they get their fair share of Seamen :oops: :oops: :wink:
  11. So the clits there to initiate pre-wetting, always wondered what it was for
  12. You barsteward, I was just about to say as useful as pre wetting on a submarine :evil: :x :? :D
  13. what else would it be for
  14. Scraping pubes off your teeth?

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