Skinny Water

I've just seen a TV commercial for the product 'Skinny Water', claiming to be a 'low calorie' water. Now there's me been thinking all these years that water doesn't have ANY calories. So that's where I've been going wrong, drinking too much water. (Mind you it's normally contained hops and malt etc :p )
No your right water doesn't have any calories.
Neither do beers, strong spirits, and spotted dick with custard. Those who would tell you otherwise are health fanatics. I know this to be gospel cos Uncle Albert told me! :wink:


Looks like more bollock-y supplements of dubious health benefit marketed as the next best thing.

Anyone gullible enough to think about them should also consider going into their local "health food" shop and buying their entire stock without asking about evidence for benefit.

"It's natural and organic, it must be good for me". So's bloody arsenic.
I think it's because it's flavoured water and is 'enhanced' with vitamins and minerals etc. Why anyone would buy it rather than just drinking water out of a tap is beyond me though.
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