Skinned Knuckles and Bashed Heads

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nutty, Feb 11, 2008.

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    SELJUK posted this in another thread which is now locked. I think it could make a thread of its own so here it is reproduced.

    "As a thought. With the different layouts over the years does anybody have their favourite dit of skinned knuckles or bashed forheads when trying to reach those 'oh so out of the way valves' to isolate when tagging out Here's mine.
    EHS 101 in the fwd cab space on a T boat was my favourite. Well hidden behind a work top or two and a T frame and only reached by popping down the bomb shop and getting some friendly fore endies to stetch your arms about another twelve inches first.

    The fun starts then, leaning right over you find the valve, small and painted brown in among other small brown valves and you start to turn......and turn......and turn...and turn....and turn.....then they pipe leave and you're still turning and gasping for air. Finally it's shut and isolated (after about thirty turns, could be more)...then you get back up to find the designated red trafalite tally in the tag out box and lean in again to tie it on with a bit of brown string. Only tying it on requires TWO hands and there definitely isn't room for two hands in the space provided.

    Anyway you achieve the aim and get back to the CR to find a waiting Wrecker asking how come it took you so long and 'have you been getting punchy on two deck' when he points at your knuckles...skinned and bleeding!

    The whole boat has been tagged out for divers and where is the work to be done. They want to put a blank on number No1 MBT starboard because the main vent is passing and needs tweaking (open, clean around the seal and shut. For the non quals). The divers are working fwd and we are starboard side to (with all the cats and whatnot in the way) and will go no where near back aft BUT the whole boat has been isolated to make sure they stay safe because as we know the water in Guzz dockyard is crystal clear out to fifty feet and it's impossible to get disorientated!!!!

    The brief from the OOD beforehand...'don't squish any of the divers...The paperwork will be a nightmare'!
    Start the blower - start the supply fan - change over VSB 23....inform me when the blower has be running for fifteen minutes!"
  2. Didn't have any such problems in the radio shack. :)
  3. Ah Nutty didn't you know that all military equipment, be it a ship a boat a tank or an aircraft is so designed that whatever you need to access, especially if it's in a hurry, is hidden behind miles of pipes, cables boxes etc. Ideally you need to be a 3ft dwarf with 10ft arms and the strength of a gorilla to access said item and turn, twist or move it. :thumright:
  4. PS Nutty wossa Wrecker ?

  5. I did not actually write the article but the Outside Wrecker (also septic talk for Breakdown Truck) was the Engineering Tiffie responsible for all machinery etc. outside of the engine room.

    In my later years of service the nearest I came to scraping my knuckles was picking up a pen to correct a chart whilst Nav Yeo. In my younger days the worst job was painting the periscope well. Which entailed trying to balance on the stand at the bottom of the wells whilst trying to avoid both fumes and wet paint as you tried to spread the paint out between your legs anything up to 3 feet below you with your shoulders touching both sides of the well. Then being hauled out by your gentle mates who think its all very funny.
  6. Nutty,
    I take it you were using epoxy white paint. If todays glue sniffers could get a hold of that stuff they'd be in orbit! :ufo: I do know that we were forbidden to scub it down at sea with a scotch brite because of the release of fumes from under the seal.

    It used to drive the scab lifters crazy when doing their atmosphere monitoring duties. We used to have to stop using epoxy white paint about one week before sailing because of the fumes!
  7. Paint spraying in a confined space, I cann`t remember the type of paint except it was white. we weren`t wearing face masks, why? We thought there was sufficient ventiation, result two twittering spaced out stokers, POME in charge got a rollicking, we ended up with a massive evil hangover.
  8. I was for a period Warspite's casing officer and just before a big exercise in the Med we discovered a very nasty rattle coming from the aft end of the fin, not an easy place for acces, I lined the duty watch up on the jetty and got the smallest one, one of the ROs to have a go getting in, about an hour later he came back with a very crushed WD40 can. It transpired the greenies had been working on the VLF loops and had dropped the bloody thing down the fin and not told any one, a couple of lads didn't have any more Gib hangovers that trip.
  9. Have done skinned knuckles in the mob thousands of times and am still doing it now maintaining SWT Desiro trains trying to get to a filter that was a piece of piss to fit in the factory but now has a carraige put on top
    Or just trying to change a lamp in the standard toilet you need orang-utan arms for
  10. Have dun the same as the periscope , but with me it was the wt mast ALN well, trying to mop out the bottom with rags THEN paint it! (having made sure the mast was cottered first)! Me being a 6 foot odd sparker trying to bend down with a paint brush to tough up the bottom of the well must have been a sight for youtube. Always used to find a couple of lighters down there though for some reason.

    Another was painting the INSIDE of tubes whilst in drydock.
    Where was 'elf an safety' THEN ! Happy days? You Bet.

  11. Of course when I was a baby part three they tied a length of 1" rope around my ankles and said they were going to hang me upside down in the perri well so I could paint the bottom hanging upside down. I hate to admit it but I did think they seriously expected me to do it. So, as yer do when I got my hook all baby submariners in the C/R had rope tied around their ankles to paint the bottom of the wells. Why, because I could.
  12. Talking of skinned knuckles, I can assure you as a diver that the marine life clinging to the outside of a sludgemachine's hull is often as hard-cased, abrasive and obnoxious as that inside. It can't make you a decent cup of coffee when the job's done though. Cheers fellahs. Love you all really. :p
  13. In an O boat AMS, getting outboard of the hydraulic pump to change the induction mast wire. ^_^;
  14. Inside the crankcase of an ASR1, on one of HMS Forth submarine power supply generators--muggins lining up the piston /compressing the rings as others dropped down a new cylinder liner into the crankcase frame.One of my fingers got a bit squashed between the liner & frame
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Every fecking cable run, removing the cable banding and replacing it. Still have the marks from the slices when it happened last april. I ve always had the impression that its better to have a full head of hair. For one it gives some protection and secondly acts as a early warning system. It always makes me chuckle for a second at the cuts on some of my slaphead shipmates. I may be talking rubbish and the damage is highlighted more on the hairless crown.
  16. Had a really tricky capacitor to take out of a shelf box for a tiffy once!!!
  17. Not working on one but ended up with bashed head and skinned knuckles. Hubby took me on V boat so i could finally see where he worked. nice little tour, just about to come out forward hatch for trot sentry to hiss down at us that capfasflot is about to come down so move it.
    Hubby headed back down at speed (god i hate ladders) with me vainly trying to keep up. At this point i hadn't quite figured the round window to be as small as it was. Ended up clonking me noggin and gainly some lovely hatch rash to the shins whilst going through.
    Got to the mid let only to see capfasflot had changed his mind and was coming down the ladder there instead. Bruises for nowt!
  18. Ouch! 'The round window'! Who's bright idea was that? It's caught me a couple of times.
  19. Wouldn't fancy getting thru it in a emergency put it that way lol!

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