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Skinhead and the married woman


Lantern Swinger
A married couple go out for a meal in a local pub. They dine and are impressed with the food. After a couple of drinks the husband needs to relieve his full bladder. Just after he goes to the heads, a skin head comes over to the wife.
I would love to strip you completely naked says the skin head,
Oh really says the shocked wife,
Yes, then I would lie you on that table and kiss you all over
Shocked the woman is speechless,
I would then take my time on those lovely tits, kisssing and licking them,.
by this point the woman is white as a sheet
then i would fill your pussy full of beer and drink it before ******* you as you have never been fucked before.
At this point she slaps the skinhead accross the face, just as hubby returns.
What the hell is going on here, he demands.
The wife says
he wants to strip me naked,
hubby takes of his jacket
he is going to lie me on the table and kiss me all over
Hubby rolls up his sleeves
then he is going to kiss, lick and bite my tits
hubby takes off his tie
then he is going to fill my pussy with beer and drink it before ******* me as i have never been fucked before.
On hearing this hubby puts his tie back on, rolls down and buttons his sleeves and dons his jacket. Come on we are leaving he says to his wife.
Arent you going to fight him she asks bewildered.
If he can drink that much beer and still **** you I'd have no chance!!!

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