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Discussion in 'History' started by R12_CV, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. This is how it was shippers, life at raleigh for a Greenie in 17 mins circa 1969. :D

    Maybe some newbies should watch for a few tips..?

    Recruit Life

    Got to say, little had changed from my time in 78 though I can't imagine any Cox'n being so amiable 8O
  2. lol worth learnin that!
  3. Quite good that --there s anther video where he gets on a frigate after his training then does the tank and joins an O boat

  4. This is available on the dvd called 'The Royal Navy - At War and Peace 1967 - 1972' (or could be 1960 - 66) along with about three other shorts, costs about £15, but is available on other sites for less.
    Edited to add - Simplyhe have it for sale at approx £5

    For those of us mature enough ( ;) ) to remember, I believe the young lad is Roger Tonge, who played "Sandy Richardson" in Crossroads - a TV soap series of a couple of years or so ago (cough !!)

    There is also, if he still does it, a dvd about the 'G' Spot trainees from Always A Civvy, who now posts, I think, on the 'other site - ROMFT'

  5. I remember watching this as a very very young sea cadet :oops:
  6. Love it.

    "Here are your options, I will put you forward as an electrician."

    Some things never change :p
  7. Although I joined as greenie at Ganges, the oilskins and whalers stirred the memory banks, as did the shots inside the huts in white city at Collingrad.

    Feck, 8O I must be getting old!!
  8. I was parade staff at Raleigh when the film was made. The refugee from "Crossroads" was a right little scrote. We had him in a class to learn the rudiments of drill, and when he made a mistake he thought he could just put his rifle down and sulk. The Chief GI was not amused and made him orbit the parade a couple of times with SLR at the high port. The producer said he should be treated just like a trainee, and he was.

    Happy days.

  9. ......Well Done.

    That was Sandy Richardson, made me cringe to see him as an REM and even worse, going into Boats, FGS!!

    They should have cast that Benny from Crossroads - Now he would have made a good recruiting film: For the RAF.
  10. :twisted: Yes;- but did you make him listen to your Guy Mitchell 78s as well :?: 8)
  11. He was the bastard who pinched them. :( 8O
  12. That clip brought back some memories, not all as painful as 2BMs though. Summer of '76 was quite warm and that parade square was a bloody long way round.

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