skimmer wanting to go deep!!!


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To go 'deep' you would lose your millitary rank if you joined the Security Service - remember: it's MI5 not 9-to-5...

Oh, you mean you wanna become a target?! For the love of humanity, why?! :cry: :wink:


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Do it big man! best decision I ever made. Get stuck in to your conversion course and part 3 training (just remember we've ALL done it, from the old man to the baby stew) All you'll get from day one of joining boats is a big welcome for volunteering and loads of help from the troops at the school and on your boat. I came across as a PO and like I said it is the best thing I have done career wise.......give us a PM if you need any questions answered or advice shippers, we'll be calling you deeps in no time!
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