Skimmer does pop idol attempt

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Skimmer does pop idol attempt!

    This is what TopMast has done to the warfare branch, jack all to do :lol:

    Nothing more can be said!

    Your comments ladies and gents..............
  2. When will they return his testicles?
  3. Been posted weeks ago!Keep up with the Programme jenny!
  4. Ach, sorry, I don't live online 24/7!

    Gave me a few giggles but wondering why he ain't a crab instead :lol:
  5. I posted this ages ago JD. It's my favourite RN video! Do you think he's gay? :p :wink:

    If so, please PM me his name and pusser email address...
  6. Fuck me has his balls dropped yet?? They start them young in the pusser eh!! Think his name should be changed from skimmer to rimmer by all accounts!!
  7. How old was Nelson when he joined?
  8. I'd just love to know why his branch badge keeps changing from his left to right arm? anyone have any idea why?
  9. Didn't notice that... my mind was otherwise occupied :lol:
  10. I noticed that also, think there is a bit of an issue there!

    So much for top mast working well, how many more will be posting videos :lol:

    Also found one of a BM and QM singing along to the bay watch themem tune but it was pants!
  11. Creative license?

  12. PMSL,i noted that the 1st time this was posted! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Mystery solved everyone. I have closely examined this video (difficult when you're struggling to keep a straight face) and noticed that the two excerpts where our budding pop star's branch badge appears on the wrong sleeve also coincide with his name badge also being on the wrong side. Next, pause the clip and read what you can of the name tally when the badge in first on one arm then the other. You will notice that his name is spelt backwards on the two short clips where his badge appears to be on the wrong sleeve.

    I'm sorry to say that HMS Cornwall's Film Making Unit has not produced any similarly good material since. If anyone here has links to HMS Cornwall, can I put in a request for another funny video? :)
  14. Have seen before - far, far, far too much gold lace. :roll:
  15. The Queen one is brilliant. Just sent it to my lad somewhere in the Bay
  16. Dont get caught pausing this vid or the cops will be removing your hard drive in a poly bag :oops:

    geoff :)
  17. is it just me or would anyone else have been dragged down the mess by a couple of three badge ABs and smashed around the head with a samson bar if caught doing any of these mincy vids
  18. Possibly because who ever edited and spliced the tape lost continuity of which way round each sections should be. Like printing a photograph back to front or flipping an image so it is seen in reverse.


  19. I can assure that the clip linked above was not filmed on the Cornwall

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