Ski Cross

Montigny-La-Palisse said:
2_deck_dash said:
Montigny-La-Palisse said:
I liked the Canadian smashing his grid in during the final. Ha and indeed ha.
The first race was still the best where the number 2 and 3 collided mid air and Jamaica ski'd into first place.

Jamaica skiing? WTF?
They'll make a film out of that, Cool runnings 2? Shame John Candy is dead.
From the age of 12 until now I wanted to be a Bobsleder because of that film.

I even made a 'bobsled' out of an upturned coffee table and some skateboard wheels. Unfortunately I overlooked the fact that I might need brakes and caused myself a bit of a mischief on it's first run and there ended my (and my 3 mate's) bobsleigh career.
Trigger_92 said:
catton01 said:
Trigger_92 said:
Mmmmmmm. . . The mens seems more lethal though, still good though.
Agree, seemed to be more carnage in the mens, hopefully there will be a few more collisions in the next semi and the final. :D
Did we have any stretchers in the mens though ?
Don't think so, but its not exciting watching them on the floor, more so them hitting it! :lol:

Edit: also another one down :D
Having watched the men's and the women's finals, this is now my favourite sport by miles.

As a confirmed snowboarder I feel slightly guilty, but fcuk me, the ski cross is exciting!
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