Ski Championships 2011


Is anyone going on this next year?

Touch wood, I should be able to get away for it. I've never been skiing before, but always wanted a go. Plus I've hear the ski champs are a f***ing top piss-up.

Just trying to get an oppo from here to go with me so I'm not on me todd.
I might be going mate, just finalising things. I'll be with a load of Pompey based snowboarders if I do make it. The ski champs are epic. Les Menuires is a bit of a gash resort in comparison to the rest of the 3 valleys, but it's still pretty top and has easy access to some of the posher resorts. Prepare your liver for a battering. The local brew of choice seems to be Desperados which is beer mixed with tequila. It ******* messes you up big time.

Even if you don't know anyone who is going just head along, make friends while you are there, you will bump into old oppos anyway and as a novice you will be put in a class for lessons with other matelots.

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