skateboarding round CTCRM

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi again guys. When I leave Derby for CTC I'm thinking of taking my skateboard with me. Skating is a hobby of mine and I enjoy doing it at weekends and in the evenings. I'm pretty good and can do various tricks, stunts and rail grinds. CTC seems an ideal place for this with it's long stretches of road, rails, steps and walls. So when my duties as a recruit are over and I'm allowed to throw asside my CS95 attires and slap on my beanie hat, baggie jeans, Bilabong t-shirt, earings and eyebrow ring will I also be allowed to get the board out my locker and go for a skate round camp?

    Surely the Royal marines caters for sports like this. I was always told that you could do anyt sport in the marines and the corps actively encourages sports amongst it's ranks. So would skating round CTCRM be acceptable? I particlarly fancy having a good sk8 round the drill square.
  2. No problem at all mate, there's even a nice flat bit for you to practice slalom on and its got a covered area for if its raining.
  3. How long is your list of winds ups. This one is pretty good. Bring 'em on. :clap:
  4. Don't forget to have someone video you when you slip on the rail and crush your Gonads for 'You've Been Framed'.
  5. The First Drill is a renowned Xtreme sportz fan, he's more into roller blading and BMX though (Remeber your helmet and elbow/knee pads though Safety First at all times in the Corps), so I'm sure he'll let you use the 1/2 pipe and jumps etc that are set up on the Bottom Field.
    How come you've moved to Derby are you taking the journey in stages and aren't you a bit late for your first week?
  6. Why dont you try it around that shitehole para base first, am sure those tossers enjoy that sort of pastime more than Royals.
  7. Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho a-trolling we will go.....again.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yo dude, checkout the parkour too.

    Nails gets my vote every time, a quality poster, well done that chap, it's certainly livened up the forums & ruffled a few feathers. :thumright:
  9. Yo dude, they got this mad sick place to do this yo, its called bottomfield, getting all busy with these mad pipes and bars and tings, even a troll like you can use it yeah!? Just rock up at the gates and tell 'em you want to kick it on bottomfield, no need for pussy boy helmets or protection or out, not with a name like nails ya gets me?!

    Peace bruva :afro:
  10. I used to skateboard around Pompey Dockyard. I used to have my skateboard on board. But I was already in the Navy at this point. I never skateboarded around Nelson though.

    I don't suggest you take your board to CTC.

    Secondly stop trying to wind everyone up
  11. Is there a book running?

    Is Nails a Bootie with too much time on his hands or some flavour of Pongo out for a wind-up?

    £5 to Poppy Appeal if he owns up.
  12. Will we ever know lol
  13. "Drill square", must be one of those bullet stoppers terms.... If the pongo wants to grow his hair, skate, take dodgy pharmaceuticals, do MMA, play Xbox, then CTC is the place to do it!!!
  14. Sooner or later we'll find've got to admit, he's got people talking!!!
  15. Yeah people telling him to fook off lol
  16. its unbelievable what was the debate about corps standards dropping? skate boards ? bouncy castle in pool. what next? commando training centre or after school to grow a stash i think
  17. Nails,

    On the first day back after Xmas leave, all recruits are expected to wear their Christmas jumpers on 1st Parade.

    Just to give you the heads up, like, man. Stop you getting into trouble in case you turn up in ordinary CS95s.
  18. Last year at CTC someone did try and use the steps to the HQ building as a vehicle jump and use a pussers landrover to try and jump over the HQ building, however it did not quite go to plan!!!

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