Skate family or what??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. My daughter joins ARK ROYAL on Saturday as part of the Navy Strike Wing. She follows a family tradition I served on ARK 2000-2003 and my brother served on the previous ARK 1968-1970, bunch of Skate bastards eh, my pa long dead served 1939 - 1946 and my grandad was gassed at Ypres in WW1.
    Proud to serve :eek:ccasion5:
  2. When was your Grandad at Ypres Stan, my paternal Grandad was wounded at Ypres in (I believe) the first Battle of Ypres though I can confirm that when I get home and check his recoreds.

    I also come from a long line of skates. Maternal great grandfather was RN for 20+ years, maternal Grandfather was MN throughout WW2 and most of his working life, Father and Uncle both RN, then me, and my eldest son did 6 years as a WAFU (the black sheep of the line)
  3. Not sure exactly when he was there but he served in the Royal Horse Artillary throughout the war and died some years later from the effects of the Mustard gas attacks. He was based at Fulwood Barracks n Preston when he was home and my dad often told me stories of him coming home on leave with his horse.
  4. Did you have her christened using the ships bell? :lol:
  5. HMS YORK 1991 names on the bell :D
  6. I know mine joined in 1914 into the London Irish (although there is no Irish connection in the family), got wounded at Ypres, after he recovered got sent to the Balkans in the Dublin Fusiliers, got wounded again and sent to Egypt to recover when the war ended. He then became a London fireman during WW2 and eventually founded my local SCC unit. Died in his 80's, was very old school (always wore a suit and bowler hat to work) and was one hell of a guy IMHO
  7. Sadly Wrecker I never knew him but he must have done ok for himself my grandma lived in a very nice area of Preston , sadly my dad was the blacksheep of the family and we never had much contact with his side of the family. Poor dad was sunk a few times in WW2 and never got over losing his mates on HMS Scalby White which was mined and lost with all hands I think he'd been pier head jumped to another asdic trawler before she sailed. I still have his Sevice Certificate somewhere in the house. He sold his medals after the war when times were hard. He had some Italian Officers ceremonial swords which he "aquired" at the Italian surrender, sadly the pawn broker got them as well - me and my young brother used to fence with them :lol:
  8. Me fooking losing the plot once again on this site bacon up the arse, bondage ,shit lockers, egh thought I was street wise what my little baby joined ya fcuking freaks :D
  9. Hey Stan, we (814 NAS) are joining the ARK in Newcastle on Saturday, and shall look after our fellow WOO's. No doubt it will be a truly abysmal embarkation.........bring on the RFA for Auriga 10, now thats a pleasure cruise in comparison!!!!.
  10. My graddad was in the R A then transfered to the signals during ww1 dad was signals joined in 1933 left 1958, his brother signals jap pow one of their cousins killed on a malta convoy, 1 of my cousins signals killed in car crash in germany me in the andrew, brother signals, nephew wafu and his wife my son andrew, father-in -law andrew, brother-in -law bootneck. Working on the grandkids
  11. Great Grandad killed Somme 2nd/5th Lancs Fusilliers,
    Grandad was in the mob for WW2 on convoys,
    Great Uncle mob WW2 on Prince of Wales.
    Dad only managed National Service in the Army,
    Me mob from 80 to 86,
    Son joined mob last January.
    Thats my familys potted service history.
  12. BV- be proud mate I know I am
  13. We did the trials on Merlin in Ark 2001 chasing round the Western Approaches looking for bad weather to do the flying and landing trials in roughers. Got a few jollies in the Merlin far comfier than the old Seaking eh. My girls first time at sea she is really looking forward to it seeing a she was born in Newcastle.

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