Size of the Navy - Predictions

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by FunkyJunky, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. lets say, by the year 2025...what will the state of the navy be..

    my guess..

    1 carrier, 4 submarines, currentt SSBNs coming to end of their life with no replacements, 10 frigates, 8 destroyers and a splash of small ships..

    Plymouth will be reduced to a few dry docks with the bootnecks using "frigate ally"

    Sultan will have gone or merge into a tri-service establishment

    the role of 1SL and 2SL will be merged into The Royal Navy Sea Lord.

    there will be around 25000 serving personnel...

    and there will be talks of merging all 3 services into 1 (JPA and discipline act already there) calling it the UK Defence force, the navy being the maratime arm of it.

    what do you all reckon..?
  2. A fishing smack, a Thames barge and a Laser Pico sailing Dinghy. At best.
  3. I reckon you're the grandson of this man:

  4. 2025?

    By then I expect the Navy to be conducting the conquest of Mars, like Star Trek but with more whores and beer.

    I'll probably be dead by then anyway the rate I am getting through this Chang.
  5. I loved the Pico we had at uni. Unsinkable, and with big pink sails.
  6. 2- carriers- but no aircraft
    6- destroyers
    Frigates depends on how many FSC are ordered
    minesweepers depends on C3 variant on FSC
    Then a few patrol and survey vessels
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As 2025 is hardly the here and now, it isn't a subject for Current Affairs. Come back in 2025 to see if your predictions are correct.
  8. Its going to be the humans vs the machines in 2025

  9. As naval procurment takes so long, 2025 is not that far into the future. Look how long the new carriers are taking from inception to finally coming into the fleet.

    ps that's if they are not scrapped before they start to actually build them.
  10. Not just Naval procurement.

    Just look at Eurofighter.

    This photo was taken in 1986:
  11. We will be blocked off from supplys by then, with pirates just around the coast.
  12. You will be 3 years from pension by then Chico. :)
  13. Yeah hopefully, probaly be on rowing boats armed with rocks.
  14. Wont be the RN by then more like "The Islamic Republic Navy" and snorkers will be banned
  15. Carriers!!?, there wont be any carriers, anyone who believes otherwise is deluding themselves.
  16. Snorkers Go Oh !!

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