six nations

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh England played a game of rugby, won by 13 points but a person from the losing team getting the man of the match bottle of champers says it all.
Commentatores: Joe Worsley was probably the happiest man at twickers, out through injury he must of thought "fcuk, they were shite, my place is sorted for next week"

Scotland v Wales, not vintage stuff, the jocks had to resort to singing songs about flowers and there undieing hatred of longshanks BEFORE they let loose with some artillary shells at the welsh. unconvincing win for the dominating jocks but the match was seriously hampered by the ref forever stoping the game to ask the vide ref if his hair still looked O.K
Commentatores: Fcuk that welsh bloke was pug ugly, Did his handlers know he'd escaped? damn fine rugby player but fcuk me not the best looking guy to represent a he for hire?
mazza_magoo said:
Maxi_77 said:
England v Italy.....England win by 25 points possible but the Italians can give them a serious fright.

Scotland V Wales..... Wales win by 9 points if it was at Cardiff yes, but at Murrayfield I think not
Ireland v France...... Ireland win by 3 points, and the rest at home I reckon the Irishwill be unbeatable this year
You forgotten what happened up there two years ago maxi?....... :wink:
Nope and I thinkk so far my comments are not that unreasonable

England right at the moment look as if they have no chance of winning out side Twickers, and if up against a decent team there I feel they have little hope. If this is what having JW back does for them the sooner they sack him the better.

Scotland - Wales, not a pretty sight, but Wales deserved to lose, but Scotland has to go a bit to be able to beat a half decent side at Murrayfield, better but not good enough yet.


War Hero
My predictions....................crap
England- a win's a win and no Nick Easter try :sad: at least he's not injured for the Quins would be suprised to see him picked again if others are fit. Balshaw utter crap again
Suprised at Scotland winning, but well deserved


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Close second half of Ireland v Frogs.They just let the pot go off the boil with 2 mins to go.Still reckon Ireland will win.


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Face facts lads, your not as good as you like to think you are. Change of coach maybe needed and will the BBC bin that bellend Brian Moore.


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Disappointingly, I didn't think either team were has good as they like to think they are. A very poor game to watch with a weak Ref who should have sorted out the scrummaging earlier in the match, far to many player changes as well led to a disjointed match. Only positive point being the Calcutta Cup is still in English hands (but only just).


I watched England v Scotland last night and it was a thrilling spectacle.

The only thing that ruined the superb shots of the Murrayfield grass growing was the slow moving cattle who occasionally wandered into view. :roll:
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