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\six Nations 2015.


War Hero
Six Nations Rugby kicks off big style February 6th (Wales vs England), c'mon lads lets have the predictions for this years' tournament.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
England have too many 'first teamers' out and may struggle against the taffs, he says, getting his excuses in early! :)


War Hero
Although it pains me to say it:
I think Wales will win this year's 6N, they seem to have the most settled team, I'm not writing off England's chances but injuries seem to be taking their toll at the moment. As ever the frogs are always a dark horse
From the Irish provinces performance in Europe, I don't think they have much of a chance and it'll be the usual Scotland and Italy fighting it out for the wooden spoon


War Hero
Obviously I'm hoping Wales will win the 6Nations, but I think Scotland may just spring a few surprises this year, they're on a high and playing well lately.


Lantern Swinger
Though as a jock it pains me to say it, England were the better team last night. If not for the whole 80minutes they completely dominated the second half.
I agree the French are a dark horse, Italy try hard, I can see Ireland finishing towards the top (call ot a gut feeling) and fingers crossed we'll finish up 3rd/4th...but I'm not counting on it.


War Hero
The Ireland Italy game was poor, Scotland put up spirited display against the Frogs
Last night's game was a good game for the neutral, England came out all guns blazing in the 2nd half and turned it around.


War Hero
A really good afternoons' rugby, all four teams came out fighting. Well done Wales, well done England, Next weekend is going to be a nailbiter!


War Hero
Super Moderator
I'm just glad we never played Wales when they were on that form, the first England result would have been different!!
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