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Hopefully all sorted and a similar problem to what took us down a couple of months ago - loss of multiple hard disks. At the moment we are 3 down from 15, with a slight performance hit as a result.

Obviously this rate of disk failure is not normal and is being investigated.

I have ordered a backup database server so that our recovery time can be improved, although in this case more knowledge about RAID (big bunches of disks working together) would have speeded things up dramatically. Learning on the job!

Better reporting of server faults also needs to be put in place.

Beyond that I apologise for another large outage in the space of months. The current setup is faster, cheaper and easier to maintain than when we were on Amazon cloud services, but definitely not as reliable unfortunately.


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Wow 3 out of 15 is an incredibly unusual statistic. I deal with enterprise storage and have never seen a spike like that even with major outages.

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