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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Chaps
    One of the most difficult things with any new community based website like this is getting sufficient momentum going to avoid a huge pregnant pause. GCO and myself will be producing some sort of advertising poster in the near future for sticking up round camps. We also need you to pass the URL to any RN types you know. Crucially we could also do to get round the internet and get ourselves in as many places as possible.
    The site is already google friendly so will start appearing on their results soon enough. I've also done the Royal Navy page on wikipedia, yahoo search and the Open Directory Project.
    Any others you could manage (pprune,, etc) would be great.
  2. In my experience, the best way to get a quick boost is to put a text link in the header or footer (i.e. on every page) of another (preferably PR4 or PR5) site.
    Now, does anyone here have access to a large, well used PR4 or PR5 site (with a military slant)?


  3. Actually now that you mention it I might have one lying round here somewhere .......
  4. Get that site header as an embedded graphic in your emails to all your Jolly mateys.

    Only thing I'd point out, is while there isn't a problem embedding the link in the graphic, it might be better to add the link as a graphic in the original artwork , in case spam filters strip it out.
  5. Oh , and is it worth seeing if you can get a mantion in Navy News?

    Only they don't seem quite as 'rigid' as Prav...errrr Soldier.
  6. Other site publicity stuff...

    A4 Posters, for pubs, clubs , shore establishments ,RNA's and Services Nautical clubs, even on board ships?

    Zaps = Controversial I know

    The official RumRation T-shirt once the design is finalised?

    E-mail graphics once again , possibly variations thereof , and some flash graphics. Naval types, if you're sending e-mail to another tar for whatever reason , please include the URL for the site?

    Addition of the URL in your sigs , if you are members of other forums with a naval 'bent'

    A quick mention in the National press - I think this one is very possible, but it's up to the site owners and Mods if they want me to have a look at this.

    Just some thoughts
  7. Can we borrow Kathy West from ARRSE for the publicity shots?

  8. I'm sure that Kathy would be willing to assist .....

    A national press mention may be just the thing we need to get us really going.

    Posters, etc will be in the pipeline but meanwhile if everyone can mention it to any salty sea dog types they know then that would be great.
  9. Ok, I'll get on the Press thing tonight , statements to be submitted to head sheds for approval before release.
  10. How about an ad announcing the birth of Rum Ration in Navy News?

    Or would that be a bit cheeky?
  11. Any chance of getting MOD Oracle to post a link or do a story?
  12. I've taken the liberty of posting the URL on which is a big world war two navy site/forum & the Royal Navy forum.
  13. If you are on DII, you could always slip it into your signature block....we move to Tracey Island in April, and it will be going into mine. I think we can pretty much rest assured that the powers that be will be looking in on a regular basis, just got to hope that they don't make it a blocked site!
  14. Hopefully the powers that be will view it in the same way as the powers that be view ARRSE where some of them find it a very useful extension of C3.

    errm, apparently :oops:
  15. We used to have a forum on Chots which was viewed the same way (I, er, helped set that one up). It was actually viewed and used by the hierarchy quite well - when the behemoth that was Pay 2000 was inflicted upon us, it was a massive dripping area, but it straightened out with some areas that we highlighted as being the major "stick in the throat" areas - internal PR, lack of understanding about Higher and Lower pay bands, etc. These were monitored by 2SLs office, and the Chots forum was directly/partly responsible for the issue of the damage control signals, booklets and RNTems that came out. There have been a few other incidences of areas when the Chots forum was used as a sample for opinions, and I was told on a few occasions that 2SL's Outer Office were watching the forum on a regular basis.
  16. Sorry Pompey , what is, or was CHOTS?
  17. The precursor to DII for the RN - used in Command Headquarters, I've forgotten what the acronym stands for now. Basically a bloody great network for people to send Amarillo videos over.
  18. CHoTS - Corporate Headquarters Technology System - could never understand where the "o" came from :D Suppose it was better than taking a vowel from 'Headquaters' and ending up with CHeTS or CHaTS, or even (probably more appropriate) CHeaTS :lol:

  19. we have posted a link on

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