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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by andym, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Do we need NON ARRSE RN/EXRRN moderators on the site?Not knocking the present mods but they dont hang around the site much.Especially in the Chatroom.
  2. it would be nice to interact with our mods. get some idea of where they are coming from. so far i have not been in receipt of a telling off, but I feel it is only a matter of time.
  3. be afraid rosie be very afraid
  4. Guys,
    If you've got someone in mind then nominate them with a quick dit as to why you think they would do a good job.......
  5. I would make two nominations. Andym and Rosinacarling.

    They are intelligent and opinionated and engage at several levels. Both have an immediate grasp of diverse subjects and have a balanced mix of realism and humour. One is an ex-saileyor, whilst the other is an ex-saileyorette. Rosy has a fundamental leaning towards good-manners and behaviour and insists that ladies should always exit the bath before they pee. Andy knew the name of Tonto's horse. What more do we need to know??

    Vote time................


  6. Not got anyone in mind,it just seemed that we might need one or two.Some of the Serving Moderators arent able to devote enough time due to Service constraints etc.Certainly a "Chatroom Killick" might be an idea so to avoid abuse and misuse in the chatroom,which has happened on the odd occaision.jack is a very different "beast" tp Percy or Biggles.It was just a thought rather than rumblings of a Mutinous nature. :lol:
  7. Do I hear Mutiny?

  8. +1 on this one with Bergen......yes I know he's a booty but some intelligent one's have got to have slipped through the net.......
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Care to expand on your comments Andy???

    Non-arrsers? What is your reasoning behind such requests?

    Flynavy, Geoffrey, Seadog, and myself are all serving RN.

    The mods do go into the chatroom from time to time. I know I do. I also know the reason why I don't hang around often in there is because it can, to put it politely, get very very dull from time to time.
  10. I have an RN shadow on both forums, handy when either of us aren't available.

    If this is about moderation in chat , I certainly wasn't aware there'd been any problems.

    If you need a mod to intervene , you have to hail.......
  11. Well sorry of we bore you TM, you know you are always welcome to contribute to the conversation to bring it up to a more interesting level. But consider the topics we have had just recently

    1. Last night there were singing pussies
    2. We have also had the saga of someone shagging someone elses partner
    3. Favourite films
    4. Pictures of Hig's grandaughter - who I must say was rather cute
    5. Stroppy bints from Arrse coming in to insult RR members - now that was fun!
    6. Free IT and legal advice
    7. What possible use is a man, discuss
    8. Andy's train fetish
    9. and more recently we have been inundated with bootie wannabes, so conversing with them has been an absolute joy!
  12. And we mustn't leave out the endless excuses to discuss the behaviour and teddy bear of the PO Stoker... :lol: Rosey as a Mod of a Pussies section acting as an Agony Aunty for seriously unhappy Stokers and Lasped Stokers; Andy as Mod of a Body/Train Parts after a run ashore section enabling all and sundry to seek advice on what to do about what, where and how.

    You both have my votes.

  13. Is this what this is really about? Don't feel you have to be backward coming forward on this.
  14. No this is about TM commenting that we are boring.

    But really if the mods are suffering from a collective guilty conscience perhap you care to PM Andym and he will I am sure ask you why the admin team have not responded to his complaint.

    As you were not there, although at least one mod was, it was a shameful experience, and open forum is not the place to discuss it.
  15. Perhaps The Matelot finds it uninteresting in the chatroom because he just lurks in silence, Perhaps he should join in with a subject of his choice, he was there when the incident happened with the lady from arrse but chose to do nothing about it, yet he banned another, Its also interesting that some of the arrse users tell us that they are in there because they think the arrse chatroom is "bloody awful" I have only one problem with Andy being chatroom killick as it were, we`ll get banned for mentioning trains.
  16. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I, however, was. And to me the banter that was going on in there was in no way offensive. If you can't take a bit of light banter (and trust me, it WAS) and are of a nervous disposition, then you should reconsider venturing onto the internet.

    I have been in that chat room most evenings straddling both arrse and rr. I was contacted by a member of RR stating that they were being abused by another member of the site. I then banned that person from chat after repeated warnings.

    AT NO OTHER TIME did a member of the site contact me with any of their concerns/comments/suggestions for another MOD.

    Don't you dare try and twist my comments to be something else. When did I say you lot were boring? I didn't. What I said was
    Get your facts right Rosie before spouting off. If you've got an issue, then say it to our faces or do you lack the moral fibre to do so?

    Edited due to Hig's comments-Whenever I'm in rr chat, I am also in arrse chat at the same time and am also whoring on MSN. If anyone has got an issue, then I am only a PM away.

    Let me reiterate-the ONE person who has ever asked me for help in RR Chat got it. If no-one else asks for help, then I can't give it.
  17. what about the singing pussies?
  18. On reflection, if the chatroom belongs to Diamond Lils, surely anything goes and doesnt need moderating, if you dont like what you hear or rather see, then ignore it.Leg it and go back later, unless its really juicy gossip.
  19. I reckon AAC would make an excellent MOD. He's well informed and looking at the number of posts he has submitted has plenty of time to do the task well.
  20. So we'll start a thread on it instead :roll:

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