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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Bad CO, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Guys
    GCO has been playing round with some images today and has come up with the following. I was thinking of calling him RumratioN jack or something similarly cheesy!

    Any thoughts on whether we could use him for promo material etc. We're also trying to come up with some sort of logo/catchphrase....

  2. That looks good! I was wondering around a HMS Hood site today and found pictures of the ships crew here if that is any help?
  3. Yeah that looks quite classy in an arty sort of way and couldn't really be mixed up with any RN publicity.
  4. Happy with that one, fairly discrete
  5. Keeps the history alive
  6. Personally I think this is the most evocative image of Imperial Naval Power

    [​IMG]Now if Good CO could colourise that and accent 'HOOD' on the cap band?

    Also , the headline graphic is just excellent whoever did that.
  7. Awesome photo. Having just looked at 'RumRation Jack' he does appear to have lagged himself. Perhaps not ideal. I've written to a professional designed (ARRSE Mr PH, ARRSE T-Shirts etc) tonight to request a pro version who hasn't swamped.
  8. Can we have a RumratioN Jenny too GCO? :wink:
  9. Am I not good enough :cry: ach!

    Nah joking, I can pull up some 'jenny' pictures, cartoon and real life. Give me a few days though as I need to dig about :wink:
  10. Sorry JD! :wink:

    Just thought a Jack and Jenny logo (or alternative logo's) may go down well.
  11. What about "Ram it mate i`m R.D.P.

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