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Lantern Swinger
who really cares what the site logo is????
really do you spend all day watching it, no of course not, you go straight passed it and into the forums dont you!

I want a logo to wear at work to publicise the site. Also I have been recently photographed with my head submerged in the (sadly empty) rum tub of HMS Cavalier.... they really ought to fill it up and show the tourists the dishing out of tot. When they do, I'll be there with my pint tankard!



I contacted Help for Heroes about changing the cartoon bear to a rat for our logo and suggested that if RR was okay with the design a small proportion of the cost of T-shirts etc bearing the logo would go to HFH to help thier cause.
They answered by saying they only had a small team and could not devote any time to this as they were focused on their own fund raising efforts which is understandable.

Asst Ed NN has yet to get back to me regarding his graphic design friend.
angrydoc said:
I would normally agree with Clouseau, but this isn't a 2SL-sponsored site! I like the rum rat idea, only in colour with a JRs cap and No 1s collar. If you're going to be technical about not harking back a bit, then rum shouldn't even be involved!
Have to agree rum was issued when the Navy was rum, bum, and baccy
Now its jukebox jive and jelly babies

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