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Bad CO

There has been an on and off discussion over a mascot for the site and we've been trying to get something going for a while. We came up with the idea of a 'Rum Rat' and I've approached an artist who has come up with the below. I'd be very grateful for you thoughts on it - my initial one is that we need to make it more 'Naval' but I'm not really sure how to do that. Perhaps a more naval hat or a white ensign??

Thanks for your thoughts .....



War Hero
The hat definitely has to change, looks like a bus conductor or customs officer confiscating the bloody Rum! Try a JR's 'sailors cap' and a traditional sailors collar? Bit of colour might help for definition, it's a tricky one eh! can't just slap a bit of camo on it and call it a soldier :lol:

Bad CO

The guy who is doing this is even less naval than I am so I don't suppose you've got a picture of the sort of thing you have in mind? Is the image below wearing the right collar and cap?


What about the whole rum rat idea - is it worth persevering with? Do you think the image above can be modified sufficiently to achieve the desired result?
Its the right collar and cap must be a tidier one somewhere.
In my opinion it can, and others will say........................................
I am in correspondance (OPPO) with DODGERLONG RNA who many moons ago was TOKES RN CARTOONIST

I will ask him to produce something (if willing which I am sure he will be) and post up his offering

Catch you soon

Jack McHammocklashing RO9


Agree with andym a bit of a Tugg effort is need here

A junior rates cap looking a bit beat up
Beer gut
Lost look in his eyes
8 shirt with a couple of rips in it


War Hero
If we are going to have a photograph of a sailor (like the one above) lets have an up to date one with the cap flat on the head (not at an angle). Nostalgia is one thing but let's not hark back to the past too much.

Having a pic of the cap at an angle is the naval equivalent of, say, having a pic of a soldier wearing the old style tin helmet.


Hmm... The logo should represent the professionalism and high standards of the service, whether you ex-serving members think they still exist or not.

I know it should also represent the lighter, wilder side of Naval life but please let's make it modern and relevant and not a throwback to a largely irrelevant age.

[Waits for old duffers to start rant.... :lol: ]