Site down on Internet

COs, to make you aware, the site is down via the Internet, but tapatalk seems to work fine. Can't provide a copy of the page because I don't know how to do it via iPhone!
OK down at Portsmouth end, too.

Alfie, try this in your gas meter:


(Highly recommended by all those who have taken one from their reigning monarch.)


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All fine here in the black hole of communications that is the home of military ICS provision.....

Now, it's just a thought but you were a WE right? but you've gone to the dark side, true and you have an iphone; are you sure you're not looking at the microwave?????? Lol

Next you'll be waking up at 0200 to look out the windows for a pair of home!
SOCs on the microwave are correct; the middle was entertaining as I watched my garden; the hound is running around the treadmill and I have electrickery.

Unfortunately I still can't get RR via any of my desktops, but it works fine on tapatalk and safari on my iPhone. The Internet just provides a 'splash' screen of the arrse, RR and rear party logos with "we are experiencing technical problems. Sorry for the inconvenience and please try again later."

Im using firefox, a mac, and virgin ISP. It works fine on safari from my desktop - so perhaps firefox is playing silly buggers?!


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Now you truly are answering your own question - you have a desktop and on it two browsers, one works, one doesn't - urgo the fault most likely is at your end. :)

Have you cleared out the cache from within Firefox? Justa thought - works fine from IE9[yuk] and Chrome on a Windows 7 platform. Will try Mac later.