The site will be down at 1300 (GMT) for about 10 minutes which I 'Royal Marine-ise' it. What will happen is that you'll just get a page saying 'maintenance' when you try to access it. I won't be long. Sorry to be a pain and do it in the middle of the day.
Blooody hell. Nothing is ever easy. You should now be able to select 'Royal Marine' or 'Royal Navy' in 'your account, preferences' or as a visitor on the front page. It's not 100% slick yet, but getting there.

Any compliments about my marine / sailor graphics welcome. Took b astard ages.
If you're not a member you can choose whether to use the RM or RN site on the front page of the site (although there is a problem at the moment that means you have to refresh the page).

If you're a member you can choose in 'Your Account' as described above.