Sit-ups. Are your legs pinned down or not?


Lantern Swinger
This goes for prnc and Raleigh, are the sit-ups you have to do performed with your feet held down, for example under a bench or by someone else? I can do sets of 50 easily this way but since I'm still quite upper body heavy (too much weight lifting for years) when I try to do them without my feet lift off the floor. It's not a question of core strength it's just simply mechanics, as soon as I get past half way my body pivots back to the floor, as if my chest and shoulders and arms are just too heavy ?

I fear I'm screwed if you have to do them without any way of pinning your feet down..


The recognised form in the RM is that someone else holds down your feet. I would assume that during fitness tests the RN follows this method as well, however, I am sure you can expect to be doing sit-ups without assistance during basic phys. You can view videos of the RM sit-up form on YouTube by searching 'PRMC sit-ups', there's also a handy sit-up bleep test.

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