Sister inhaling solvents.. oh dear.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Deano19, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Well I'll make this not a life story and just say what I've just come across.

    I'm looking for my Aerosmith CD which usually has been nicked by my little sister (turned 16, 2 weeks ago), so when I look under her bed theres a bag infront of her cds, so I pull the bag out and empty lighter fluid cans fall out, and another, and another. I empty out a bag of 17 Butane gas lighter fluid cans, pretty shocked.

    So, since my Dad has recently moved out, I'm not really sure what to do.. apart from tell my Mum obviously. I just got back from the Army not long ago and while I've been away my sister has turned into a right idiot, and her boyfriend is without doubt the one who got her started on this.

    Basically, I'm thinking I can either tell my Mum and let her sort it, or I can kick the fuck out of her boyfriend and then tell my Mum.

    Oh and to add to the story, my sisters other friend, only 3 weeks ago burnt the shiz out of her face and was hospitalized because 'somehow the hairspray caught fire'.

    Opinions? Seriously what do yas reckon cause its pretty serious!

    I'm only 19 myself by the way (if that matters)

    Edit: No this isn't a wind up
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Your not nails by any chance?
  3. Lol no I am not

  4. How many miles does she do to the gallon? 8O :D
  5. Unleaded??
  6. Get her to see her GP who can put her in touch with the right people to get her to kick the habit.

    But before you do make sure you fill your lighter first! Shame to waste an opportunity of a free top up.
  7. I doubt she has the habit at all yet, she would only do it if other people were there doing it. She just follows the crowd completely, if her mates were all gothic freaks she'd be one too, if they were black she'd probably try and be too lol
  9. Firstly, you should find out whether she really is doing it or whether she's just a pyro.
    If she's sniffing, kick her around a bit, then her boyfriend. I'm sure that would do the job.
  11. Stab her inside to release the gasses first. It's what they do when they do autopsies :lol:
  12. Make sure you put a chem haz sign on her before you take her out. :D
  13. You didn't mention the option of talking to your sister. Perhaps it is worth considering, even indirectly. You don't say what your relationship with your sister is like, so it may or may not be an option. Or if she has (perhaps old from her school days) friends who are sound and may be worth a shout.
    Beating up her boyfriend is really not going to help, nor is putting all the blame on him, part of getting out of following a crowd is being responsible for your own decisions - and having others come to you first regarding those decisions, not to others.
    Any conversation is going to have to involve an explanation as to what you were doing in her room under her bed, even if she did have your cd. If you want a suggestion (you did ask for one) I'd open with an apology, it will set the tone of the conversation as non-accusatory, which at this stage is the tone most likely to help. Asking how her friend is may be another way of opening the conversation.
    But remember that you are dealing with a young woman, not a child, and to centre the conversation around her - what's happening in her head and to ask questions more than to give instructions, if its early days there's no need to come down hard, and you may be able to get to what's got her into this situation (ie that of being in a bad crowd etc).
  14. Just imagine if he had found a double ended dildo and a bottle of amyl nitrate!! :oops: :oops: 8O
  15. I'm not apologising for anything are you mental? Shes 16 and on solvents in my house, none of my family have ever touched drugs or anything of that sort.

    Talking to her is out of the window anyway, because since shes such a rebel now.. I basically tell her to get a grip all the time. For example, me trying to sleep at 1am as up as 6am, her and her bf are downstairs being two noisy ignorant gits.. So like any normal person I go down and tell them to shut the frig up or I'll throw them both out.

    So, basically cause of loads of things like that we hate each other. A quote of hers worth mentioning would be "Hurry up and join the Navy, I cant wait until you fuck off"

    Its not like I'm doing it to be an ass or anything like
  16. Ah in that case, the advice would have been quite different :wink:
  17. What happened when your mother found yours?
  18. I dont know i was raised by Monkies!! 8)
  19. I imagine it was quite the party between them :) ...
  20. yeah your mum thought so!! I bet her rings still a bit slack from when Mickey did her up the wrong'un with a baseball bat!!! :D

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