Sirodhara - Ayurvedic Oil Therapy

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Millican85, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Sirodhara is a special form of oil therapy in Ayurvedic Treatment, characterized by the steady pouring of Ayurvedic medicated oil over the forehead. This makes the person feel relaxed. It is also the treatment for persons with mental tribulations. The medicated oil is chosen based on the exact requirement of the therapy – it can be mental relief, increased blood circulation in the brain, better hair growth, etc. The oil can also change with the body type (dosha) of the person.

    Sirodhara (shirodhara, sirothara, shirothara, siro dhara, shiro dhara) is effective in alleviating vata related disorders – mental disorders due to stress and tension. Sirodhara is also good for improving memory. Other effects of shirodhara are sound sleep and a soothing effect on mind and body. The medicinal herbs used in the medicines will determine the effectiveness of the therapy.

    Shirodhara and other forms of Ayurvedic oil therapy is well developed in Kerala. There is a variety of medicinal combinations used in different Ayurvedic oils used in oil therapy. Medicated oil is called ‘thailam’ in Malayalam. There are hundreds of thailams used in Ayurvedic oil therapy.

    Shirodhara is the trademark symbol of most Ayurvedic health spas and the practice of this unique therapy form is gaining acceptance in almost all parts of the world, mainly because of its luxurious nature of the therapy and many gains like immediate relaxation, long term effects on memory, and positive influence on hair growth. The selection of medicinal herbs is the main factor that determines the effect of Sirodhara therapy or medicated oil massage for head
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