Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE To Open "Falklands 30" Exhibition At The Submarine Museum


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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum will be opening a new photographic exhibition - Falklands 30 – War Patrols - on Wednesday 2 May at midday, 30 years to the day when HMS Conqueror sank the Belgrano. To mark the occasion, new submariner Sub Lt Brian Flannagan RN will be presented with his Dolphins by Commander Iain Breckenridge OBE RN. The exhibition will be opened by Vice Admiral Sir Tim McClement KCB OBE who was the second in command on HMS Conqueror in 1982.

Vice Admiral Sir Tim McClement, now chairman of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum said, “The Royal Navy submarines in 1982 were doing a variety of jobs. Sinking the Belgrano was a turning point in the naval campaign that freed up the submarines for other duties such as providing early warning of air raids and transporting Special Forces to key areas.”

Falklands 30 – War patrols, a new photographic exhibition at the Submarine Museum highlights personal memories of a variety of submariners who served in the submarine fleet that supported the Royal Navy Task Force in 1982.

Key recollections have been contributed by WO Colin Way former PO Writer on HMS Conqueror, the submarine that sank the Belgrano; Rear Admiral Roger Lane-Nott, then CO of HMS Splendid and Lt. Cdr Frank Muscroft former Engineer Officer onboard HMS Onyx, the submarine which had the task of finally sinking RFA Sir Galahad.

Frank Muscroft, former Engineer Officer onboard HMS Onyx said, “One single memory that is as poignant today as the event itself took place on Friday 25th June 1982. This was the day HMS Onyx sank the RFA Sir Galahad with the bodies of the Welsh Guards, victims of the air attack at Bluff Cove.

Before the sinking there had been a delay of 24 hours during which time an unsettled feeling pervaded throughout the submarine. Sir Galahad disappeared beneath the waves stern first about 5 minutes after being struck by our torpedo. And so they were laid to rest and they remain a small piece of the United Kingdom forever.”

Bob Mealings, Curator at the Museum said, “We have captured those personal memories that highlight what made the submarine patrols during the Falklands Conflict so different”

The Falklands 30 exhibition will run until November 2012 and is free with a valid museum ticket.
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