'Sir' Salman Rushdie

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BusterQuin, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. What the f**k is going on with the honours list
    He writes a shite book that upsets the Islamic faith, causing him to require years of police protection at taxpayers expense, whilst he rakes in millions from the publicity
    Someone please tell me what he has done to deserve a knighthood cnut!!
  2. theres hope for me yet :w00t:
  3. totakky agree with initial post...the whole thing is a farce...if you screw the common man and country for money (rushdie with police protection) or overpriced sports persons then you get a medal...what a joke!!
  4. I've been passed over again!!!
  5. What does anyone do for the honours apart from give cash to the labour party, it is time the whole honour system and all heriditary peers etc were abolished
    Long live the revolution
  6. While this cnut can be called "Sir Grinning like a dog with two dicks", a Gurkha who fought and nearly died in the Falklands is refused admission ? If I hadn't had a drink tonight, I'd throw up !! What a poxy country !!
  7. I wrote a lot of stuff in ?, which deserved a fatwa never mind a knighthood, and i got nowt.[​IMG]
  8. What about all the work he has done for charity, his statesmanlike promotion of British interests and his literary genius? Oh - hang on a minute - wrong guy! I suppose it must just be that he is bezzy oppos with Bliar after all!
  9. I thought all honour came with a citation that explained why people were getting what. I appreciate that it may appear that he got it so that the awards would appear ethnically balanced. I suspect however that white middle and upper class types are still getting the lions share of these awards. So plenty for Telegraph readers to smile about.
  10. Not knighthoods but on a similar vein, a couple of definitions:

    MBE = My own bloody efforts
    OBE = Other peoples bloody efforts
  11. Messdecks, bathrooms and 'eads. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: knighthoods are like piles; sooner or later every arsehole gets one.
  12. Yes, but only if they're analy retentive :thumright:
  13. Hig,

    You've got the Distinguished Member of the Aircraft Handlers Association (DHAHA) - you don't need nowt else.
  14. I heard a figure of £10,000,000 mentioned to protect him when there was a fatwah out on him. However Mrs Rushdie looks charming. Poor lass to have to wake up next to that every morning.


  15. I'm sure that she is with him, because:

    1) He has a nice sense of humour
    2) He makes her laugh
    3) Has a nice smile
    4) Got a cute bum and all the other usual crap that women trawl out to explain what attracts them to 4ssholes.
  16. The award has got Iran all punchy again. I wonder if that was the intention. Provoke them....get them to have ago and then call in our mates The Yanks to bomb the shit out of their nuclear power stations and put back their nuclear bomb programme a decade or two. Or am I being overly cynical?
  17. It's another 'Guardianista' Knighthood
  18. You honestly think Ian Botham is an A'hole ?
    Lets not get the big brush out here, there ARE some very deserving people that get recognition.
    There are also political awards, I happen to think the Knighthood to SR is one of them. Maybe if he's a knight, he'll have to start paying for his own protection, instead of us lot paying for it. If thats the case then we should've given him to Iran as a "peace initiative" ;)
  19. You missed 5) got shed loads of money
    Nah would not be that, it must be charm wit and attractivness

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