Sir Richard Dannatt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Just a few hours yet, but how long till he gets the chop?
  2. Im still not sure whether he will be axed or resign his commission (under pressure of course). Is it 1100hrs he's due to give a statement?

    I actually agree with most of his comments on Iraq and our presence there. Besides, dont we need to start bringing troops home so we have enough manpower to deploy to N Korea!! 8O :? :lol:
  3. I think it's really refreshing that we have a man at the top who has the balls to say what everyone is thinking. I would be surprised to see him removed as that would leave too much of a bad taste in everyone's mouth. He's standing up for all of us by telling it how it is, and to be fair, I think that if Bliar does try to get rid of him, then all of us in HMF have a reciprocal duty to stand up for him.
  4. I would certainly hope that if any action is taken that the Joint Chiefs resign as one. I am sure that he has been saying this in private and got nowhere hence the public statement.

    I wish him well

  5. Well done General. Perhaps if we had Admirals with Balls that big, we would still have a Fleet.

  6. I agree with you there mate.

    Total respect for this man - At last we have a senior figure in the Forces, who has the balls to stand up and tell it like it is. The PM must be flapping big time at the moment.

    I honestly believe that if we are to make a success of Op Herrick, we need to start pulling out of Iraq soon. We cant sustain the current level of operations for both much longer, as we just dont have the manpower/equipment/resources to do so.

    Lets just hope Sir Richards comments make the powers that be sit up, take note and act accordingly.....................or we may find him in the woods after a suicide attempt (sounds familiar) :wink:
  7. But we don't need a fleet................... :roll:
  8. How true, anyone remember the flag waving kuawities in 91? They soon forgot who dug them out of the shit. To them we are infidels who have no place in the cesspit they call home.
    Listen to this pongo, get the troops out and let Saddam take charge again.
  9. Just heard him on the radio backpedalling........

    BTW, Admiral Boyce left his post early because he wouldn't kow-tow to Buff and Bliar, so the good General is setting no precedent here.
  10. Shit, so much for the ballsy pongo then.... :(

  11. Not on the news I just heard - he was defending his statement!!
  12. At last, a man of principle. How so unlike his predecessor! I wasn't giving it my full attention this morning but he said something of the order that if the current tempo is maintained for years, the Army will be permanently damaged. As the Navy and the Air Force are being robbed to fund the Army, that doesn't bode well for the rest of us. More importantly, the Country will be permanently damaged. Now that really is old style, Clem Attlee, Labour. Call me paranoid if you want.
  13. I first read what he said in the Times last night - very interesting. I was very impressed that he had the guts to say what needed to be said. I am disappointed that he appears to be backtracking. Whilst I can understand that this may be expedient, it gets ministers off the hook - it simply means that the political pressure in Parliament will ebb away by the end of next week at the outside - and the status quo will remain. Sometimes it is worth making real sacrifices for the greater good of one's comrades, or am I just being old fashioned?

    On another front, it's amazing what a bit of Ministerial pressure can do... just mention quetly that the guarenteed peerage will not be forthcoming if he has to, er, resign...

    I still think he should have focussed on Iraq and not got sidetracked on his religious-moral values tangent. If it is necessary to discredit him, it will be easy enough simply by twisting his personal opinions against multiculturalism and in favour of monoculturalism and implied intolerance - to undermine his stance on Iraq. It might be popular with the Daily Mail - but the Daily Mail do not represent Britain as a whole, even if they think they do.
  14. An interesting turn of events and great to see someone at the top that is willing to stand up and be counted. What he says goes against Government and MOD policy so it is unlikely that he will be able to stay in post for long. As to whether the rest of the Joint Chiefs would "resign" with him - not a bloody chance. When you get that close to the top job, you're going to keep pushing to go all the way.

    What I can't help worrying about is the effect this will have on the boys and girls in the sand. I mean, you hear that the big boss says that we're not helping and you still see people being killed and wounded - how is that going to feel? Would you still feel like putting your best foot forward and getting on with the job?

  15. We need more leaders like this.
    Perhaps then we could have a Thai style coupe
  16. I heard his interview on Radio 4 this morning - he did not back pedal on what he said, and tried not to be drawn into a subject area that he did not want to go down. He simply restated his view on how our prescence was exacerbating the problem, and gave examples. He also stated that the Defence Secretary had already given him approval to do the interview - that's got to be a bit of punch in the guts for Des Browne!

    Got to be said though that the media has jumped on one particular part of an interview, and as is their want, sensationalised it to a massive degree. The rest of it was concerned with morale and welfare of the Army and it's need to reflect society - it was very well thought out. Shame the RN hasn't got anybody who's willing to do the same for us, particularly with various parts of HMF calling for the T45 to be axed, Dockyards to be closed, etc, etc
  17. Time will tell, but there have been instances of the JCS popping in to see the Defence Minister with swords and medals on to threaten just that.

    A bit of a chicken and egg situation, if you don't say it and get something done, how do you stop it, but yes if you say it there will be a cost, sort of tough one that generals and admirals are paid to take.

    I do hope it all works out for the best, but I am sure he really did believe it had to be said.

  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I saw this story breaking last night (Canadian time) on the BBC News site. I found the associated "Have Your Say" page shows an interesting difference in national attitudes to Iraq - there's a number of comments from this side of the pond claiming that Sir Richard should have sought permission from the USA before making his comments or that such commets from the Army undermine the Government - these were firmly rebutted by others reminding the posters that the UK is a sovereign state and that the Army serves the Queen not the Government.
  19. You are right there mate. No 10 says he has the full backing of the PM. Thats his arse then. Oops - am I allowed to say that?.
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    If anyone is spinning it is the press. The General defended his statement and clarified it for those who heard only the spun version, no sucking back required.

    Those of our brethern on ARRSE who know him rate him highly. He has always had the best interests of his men and women, regiment and service at heart.

    He's off to Thailand soon to meet General Sonthi Boonyaratglin..........

 the galley staff tell me.

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