Sir Ranulph's Fine

It would appear that Sir R has upset my former townsfolk; or at least his Judge has.

Anger as court shows mercy to ‘special person’ Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes escaped a driving ban for falling asleep and causing a crash that left a man seriously injured – after a court heard he could not be judged as a ‘normal human being’.

The explorer was given four penalty points and a £1,000 fine after losing control of his X-type Jaguar and smashing into Luigi Castaldo’s Nissan Micra on the A6 in Heaviley, Stockport.

Fiennes had just completed the 42-mile High Peak marathon and momentarily ‘fell asleep’ before hitting Mr Castaldo’s car, travelling on the opposite side of the road
Appearing at Stockport Magistrates Court, Fiennes pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.

He was told that he had escaped disqualification because there were no issues with drink, speed or roadworthiness of his car.

But the court was also told by prosecutor Eddie Coyle that Fiennes could not be treated like an ordinary man.

He said: "He is, by any measure, no ordinary man in terms of his achievements of stamina. So clearly he must have been tired on his journey home
Such a "Special" person who had pushed himself so hard he was exhausted had no right behind a wheel and should have recognised this. All along motorways are warnings about the dangers of tiredness. He should have known better and while perhaps a custodial sentence would have been harsh a financially punitive punishment would surely have been in order.
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