Sir Norman Wisdom (Merged threads.)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    Sir Norman Wisdom died today aged 95.

    He entertained millions and was much loved as a gentleman.

    We will, no doubt, be hearing the angels laughing.

    RIP SIR.
  2. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    Flags at half-mast in Tirana no doubt.
  3. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    Met him i Dublin 10 years ago promoting the isle of man.
    What a chararacter still walking into walls and ...Mr
  4. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    A good innings and a funny man RIP
  5. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    RIP. Funny man. Always think of him shouting 'sail before steam, sail before steam' as he sailed in a small dingy across the bows of a destroyer in a film.I think your man Lee Evans try's to take off his style.
  6. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    RIP old chap.
    The world will be a sadder place without him.
  7. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    An absolute legend! RIP Sir Norman
  8. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    Sad news, great comedian RIP
  9. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    Very sad. A funny man and from what I hear a true gent.

  10. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    He will be sorely missed.

    Saw an interview with his daughter who said he was a nightmare when babysitting his grandkids as he kept them up all night playing mad games.
  11. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

    RIP Sir
  12. Sir Norman Wisdom

    Heard in the corridor outside St Peter's office.....
    "Mr Grimsdale.... Mr Grimsdale......"
    RIP Sir Norm, you've given us some laughs, certainly over my lifetime.
    Gawd bless ya !
  13. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom

    'Mr Grimsdale' :) He was a very funny man that had me laughing every time I saw him. RIP.
  14. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom

    Just watched the news and they showed a clip of him receiving his knighthood. He even had the Queen laughing with his fake trip as he walked away, bloke was brilliant.

  15. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom

    Why oh why didn't I have him on this year's death list?

    Only three months for Peter Falk and Thatchbitch to pop their clogs for me to get any kudos this year.
  16. Re: Sir Norman Wisdom

    A master in a time when the UK was producing some amazingly funny films.

    You just knew he wasn't long for this world when he made appearances on Last Of The Summer Wine.

    RIP Sir Norman, the end of an era!
  17. Threads merged, while Sir Norman's death is a shame 2 threads on the same subject is perhaps a bit OTT.

    PS Any drips see a plumber.

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