Sir Lenny Henry of Dudley.

Well done! Sorry about the media shoving up a photo of some celebrity chef instead of your good self. I have taken the appropriate steps to correct the medias fuck up.


There! Better?
My reply should be in right to be offensive , this prick thinks he is a 'luvvie' , posh accent now instead of Dudley twang , Naval /RM/Army/Crab are worthy of the title Sir , NO celebrity is worth this apart from David Attenborough and a couple of others
Henry get's on my tit's forever on about diversity , correct me if I am wrong but I have yet to see/hear any Asian complain about lack of opportunity in this country, plenty of Prem footy/RU/Athletics/Boxing/ Media of Afro/Carib descent thriving in UK , if you are good enough you get the recognition regardless of your parental/regional/country of origin status, Henry and other bleaters about how badly they are treated/represented in the UK can fcuk off somewhere else.
That is a bit strong mate , he married an obese comedian so probably got some funny ideas from her/it.
If you cannot take a joke you should never have signed on, who said you had to be funny to be a comedian? some twat tried to send me to Faslane shore side, after a non pref on Spartan, comedian yes funny no
Henry is a Luvvie now so thankfully won't be trying to make us laff , and why does the beeb include him on Jools Hootenany every other year , gurning every time the camera lands on him , wearing one of his 'cool' hats it spoils , for me, what is usually a good programme .