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Sir Ian Blair

Sir Ian Blair has been cleard or any responsibility or misleading the public and press over the Stockwell shooting.

Now there is a "suprise" to see my old DI cleared of any blame. But then Blair was a Blair appointment.

No takers then Nutty. It seems that the world and his dog are OK with the lying, cheating, coniving bar stewards that sit in high places in this country.

Keep Striving
The amount of time 'whitewash' has been used by the blair government, it makes me sick, why have a public enquiry if you are going to fudge the results, it makes the notion of an enquirey nul and void as no one will believe the results even when they have (should have said if) one is run above board. The problem we now face is that when the next lot get in they will be exactly the same - if blair can do it so can we.

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