Sir Alan West on Iran Detentions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by F169, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. An interview with ex- 1SL is on the BBC site:

    One question is: What are the rules of engagement in this type of situation?
    Sir Alan:
    "The rules are very much de-escalatory, because we don't want wars starting. The reason we are there is to be a force for good, to make the whole area safe, to look after the Iraqi big oil platforms and also to stop smuggling and terrorism there.

    So we try to downplay things. Rather then roaring into action and sinking everything in sight we try to step back and that, of course, is why our chaps were effectively able to be captured and taken away.

    If we find this is going to be a standard practice we need to think very carefully about what rules of engagement we want and how we operate. One can't allow as a standard practice nations to capture a nation's servicemen. That is clearly wrong."

    Too right it is wrong - and when it is all over an enquiry should be established as to why it was allowed to happen again.

  2. Makes me mad , Iraq & Iran just taking the piss , trouble is we stick to the rules [what a fxxxxxxxxg laugh] , cant win can we in that situation ,
  3. here is an extract from the Mail on Sunday:-

    Tory MP Patrick mercer, an ex-Army commander and former defence correspoondent of BBC's Radio 4's Today programme, said

    "it is worry to think that our service men and women have got themselves into this state. (he was referring to footage of ship's company on the Cornwall looking pensive and one close to tears when the news was announced on board) It hardly compares with the resilience that was shown, for example, in the Falklands War 25 years ago"

    Reading on he then refers to how showing such stuff can give succour to our enemies. However I have two issues:-

    1. What was the PR person on board doing allowing filming of the ship's company at such a clearly emotional time
    2. Who the bloody hell does this MP think he is to comment on the resiliance of a ship's company, cheey bastard!

  4. They have got themselves into that state because the politicos have tied our hands behind our backs , just like Northern Ireland , sorry , standing by for incoming , but the sorry truth ,
  5. No Dondon you make an interesting point. However surely military security is paramount above everything else. The Falklands were easy to monitor media wise, because (as I imagine) we had the transport and the comms.

    Not so now I shouldn't wonder. However surely someone in command could have said - no, stop filiming, that is quite enough, thank you very much. I may have got it completely wrong, in that the media peeps have their own agenda which we are not party to.
  6. If that is what Mercer has said then he is a bigger idiot than I thought. How does he expect people to react? I think it is good for the public to see the Navy going about its business, and to see what it is like on board, and to see that we are just ordinary people, men and women, doing a job.

    I entirely agree that any speculation about the captives or what might happen to them or what our response might be / should have been must be stamped upon by the MODs. But I hope if this is going to drag on that we are allowed at least to comment on what is reported by the MOD or in the public media.
  7. Brllliant! So our ROE's mean that we may as well send an unarmed tug to patrol the Gulf instead of one of the most heavily armed Frigates in any mans Navy because we mustn't be nasty and shoot at people…

    There are some right ******* tools in Whitehall these days… :mad:

    'Descalatory'? I can remember a time when a Skipper would warn any naval vessel closing with him to back or else.
  8. Get real, Our Royals and Sailors were obviously in very close proximity to the Iranian boats now how in your gods name could the Cornwall have opened fire without a bloodbath that would have included the loss of some or all of our own, talk about armchair CO's!
  9. Locked again.

    Guys, I realise that this is a hot topic, but we've had everyone from the Ministry of Defence, to a member of the Ship's company asking for there not to be any uninforned speculation at this time.

    I have started a thread , in which you can express your best wishes and support for our people in captivity. Please use that thread.

    In the past , we have discovered that threads concerning servicepeople, be they threads of support, best wishes or sadly condolences , are read by the people closest to those involved. Those people are pleased and grateful that colleagues , friends and even people unconnected are sufficiently moved or care enough to leave messages of support.

    Right now , I can guarantee Sailors in Cornwall are reading this forum. I would further hazard a guess that the loved ones and families of the detainees are scouring the net for more news.

    Please let them find only messages of support and encouragement , free from rancour, anger or blame.

    Thank you

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