Single Living Accommodation, its negative effects

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dunkers, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Right... here goes my attempt to start a thread of vague interest to RR members... as opposed to the current 3 threads listed on the front page regarding gayness, another handful of threads pulled off the BBC news "celebrity" pages and the odd bone newbie question asked out of idle curiosity not genuine desire to know the answer........

    As we all know, shoreside accommodation for junior rates is moving towards being single cabins for all (standfast Raleigh recruit school). I think the renewal of accommodation is a good thing, there still exist some shitholes of accommodation that nobody likes. However, that which does exist is often messdeck accom eg 4 man messes. This is about to die out, so I put it to you, what effect is this going to have? Everyone in single cabins when ashore, will it kill off another aspect of "naval ethos" (to use the staff phrase). I'm talking about the general atmosphere of living with your oppos, the ability to deal with different characters to yourself, the teamwork it helps to foster.

    So the RN is demolishing the shithole blocks as well it should but are the replacements, though very nice ensuite single cabins, going to have an unforseen bad effect.

    Interestingly enough I hear the new SMQ block in Faslane is going to have 4-man messes for the trainees so it looks like it has been thought about.

    Hopefully this will help provoke the kind of discussion RR was made for.
  2. SLAM (single living accomadation) is already killing the "ethos".

    The kids finish work and then go hide themselves away with their playstations or whatever they have and don't come back out until they have to work the next day.

    I do agree with SLAM as a step forward but it should be something that is earned rather than expected. They should not be in SLAM until they have a least completed a sea draft perhaps.
  3. I would personally welcomed the concept having experienced living in the Nissen Hut messes at Collingrad all those years ago (early 60's).
  4. Don't forget that we already hae ships that offer single cabins to JRs (Scott), and its possible that the FSC will moe further away from the concept of the mess. As you so rightlysay,small group cohesion will disappear to be replaced by.............
  5. I quite liked living in 4 man messdecks ashore, for instance at HMS Nelson. When I was a Killick Stoker on LRQC at Sultan I was put into a single cabin as I was the only actual Killick on the course (the rest were awaiting their rate). It did cause a certain amount of distance between the other guys on the course and me, no matter how hard I tried to break it down. They were all in 4 berth messdecks, so I was the odd one out. How it will work when all the guys (and gals) have single berth cabins will be interesting to see.
  6. The note posted by "Dunkers" aptly puts it, the "general atmosphere of living with your oppos, the ability to deal with different characters to yourself, and teamwork it helps to foster" all contribute to an effective fighting force, the camaradary that it nurtures brings out the best in all when under stresfull conditions and you have a better run ashore. Single cabins should be earnt not be expected.

    There were 108 of us in 2A Mess on the "Rusty B" it's where I learnt to grow up. OK you had to wait until the "badgemen" and the rest went to their own pits or finshed their fags and tinnies before you could lower your own bunk (juniors were on the bottom) and climb in but you learnt a lot about life in the process.
  7. Northwood has had single cabins for all rates for about years now, its currently being replace with more up to date stuff. At least with a single cabin you can't blame someone else for the 'shite' being everywhere!!!

    The JR's accom at Northwood does include large communal TV rooms with Sky etc which is a good idea, your not totally cut off from your oppos if you choose not to be.
  8. Skyvet I don't doubt it, but the comfort factor (which I think you are alluding to, correct me if I'm wrong) depends on the actual building rather than whether it consists of messdecks or single cabins, the Nissen huts were no doubt unpleasant (cue Norman - he'll be along in a minute to say how this toughened you up and produced fighting men ad nauseam) but at least you did actually see and speak to those you shared a hut with.
  9. Chaz, you and I both know that the accomodation in Northwood was prefab crap, although I left just as it was starting to be replaced.

    Personally I think the new SLA is a godsend. I got fed up with lads coming back from ashore at stupid o'clock in the morning, pissed out of their skulls, banging on the lights and on with the TV whilst scoffing their big-eats and leaving half of it scattered on the floor, having a run ashore bebrief at max dB before finally crimping.

    Now I can choose to socialise or not. I can sit in and read a book, listen to the radio or watch whatever TV programme takes my fancy without being disturbed by some ignorant selfish fcuker, and likewise I disturb no one else.

    How many people who have gone RA decide to return to a multi-occupancy mess 'cos of its social aspects? Not many methinks.
  10. The new SLA at Northwood is prefab crap though, only this time they've put fancy walling on the outside of it, so apart from bigger cabins are they actually improving anything?
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dunkers, I'd be interested in your experience of these things ie. length of time on the trot spent in the different types of accomodation and its merits as against conditions found on the various types of ships you have served on?
  12. I'm now at Chix and the accomodation I'm in is pretty good. I've got to say it's the best I've had in the mob so far. About 2 1/2 times the size of what I had at N'wood and the walls are made of brick not cardboard.
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    You're obviously not in the Senior Rates mess then!!! The accom is a bit old now...

    Letthecatoutofthebag, I do believe the T45's will have communal areas for the JR's including quiet/study areas which will make a welcome change for those forced to study for any courses in the galley whilst DHP are doing their thing!
  14. I have some photo's of the Daring's accom, not sure if its a good idea to post them on here. I had them sent to me and don't know what that persons source was!
  15. I'm at Northwood at the moment and I think the accomodation is excellent, then I've just come off a 42. Yes they are prefabs but they're not bad at all. The main problem with Northwood at the moment is that, there is building work going on all over the place. The SR's block is bang between two new buildings going up, as a watchkeeper it's a nightmare at the moment. There is a new SR's block nearly finished, but the officers are going in to it first whilst theirs gets refurbished, once that's done we can move into our new accomodation.
  16. killing the ethos, well you have to be an officer or snr to use a word like that in the first place, i have never heard such shit in my life, SLAM is a very welcome part of "modern" service life in the Navy and will go along way in trying to keep people in. we have heard this kind of thing before though, why stop at 4 man rooms why not bring back barrack blocks, evening rounds, smoking in your room, not being able to drink in the mess ashore, no TVs/DVDs/playstations etc and God forbid you wanted to bring a girl back to your room for a chat. Times move on as they say we all have cars, mobiles etc and someplace to go at weekends away from work, thats right, work, the Royal Navy is only a job, one which everyone should rightly be very proud to do but just a job all the same. with pay for ratings as it is many are unable to afford houses etc so why not make the accom as good as it can be and while we are at it put some bloody money in facilities on base the duty bar and gym are not enough.
    as for whoever it was that described junior rates as "kids" your kind of outdated "in my day...." patronising will do far more harm to the Navys ethos than a thousand SLAM blocks.
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sadly this is now true, used to be a lifestyle but at some point, I'm not sure exactly when, it became just another job. Roll on next June.
  18. It has changed as society has changed. People used to go down t'pit, or to the steelworks or shipyard etc and they had 'a job for life'. Heavy industry no longer exists in the same way it did. The biggest industry in this country is tourism, and the average time in a job before moving on seems to be about 2 years. Against this I think the Navy fairs quite well and I think you would still be hard pressed to find a similar level of comradeship in many other types of employment.
  19. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Never mind looking outside the forces-you should try working with the RAF-never have I experienced such a low level of comradeship.
  20. Perhaps its you! I've been in various tri-service enviroments for over 7 years now and the comradeship has been superb throughout.

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