Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Main gate Sambawang??

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  2. Defo Brit club opposite Raffles .....borrowed from another site:wink:

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  3. It has changed just a tad :)
  4. Returning to the dockyard, cant remember if it was Sembawang or Neesoon, with some clothes I just had made, pants shirts etc, monsoon starts and deck disappears under a foot of water, I walk into a monsoon ditch up to my neck, back on board clothes take a week to dry due to humidity and promptly fall to bits, there were blokes on board ticking off the days till they flew home, me I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.
  5. say it isn't so!!!!!

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  6. I know where you've been Scouse!!!!!! And I ain't talking about Singa's either!!!!!:laughing7:
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  7. I hope you mean what I think you mean.

    Haven't the ladies got deep voices
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  8. I remember in the 60's all the meals on the stalls in the "Vill" were S$1 great scran and brilliant bars. bar girls weren't bad either. We used to go to the Naval Base cinema on a Sunday afternoon to watch the Indian films for a laugh. Brit club was a good run as well, a bloke used to sell "egg banjo's" outside as the flyers back to the base were leaving.
  9. Don't mention egg banjos and the Maggi man!!!!!!
  10. Fly me to Nee Soon and let me play among the bars
    then take me to Bugis Street to drink beneath the stars
    in other words.........put your flip flop down, John !
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  11. Mmmm, egg banjos, and fried rice on a raffia mat.
    I licked the mat once and got a bamboo splinter in my gob.
    There was nothing else I wanted to lick in Singers, except maybe Silvia in the comms centre.
  12. I bet there was a Silvia down the street and you may have been a wee bit alcohically confused!!!!!!
  13. Nah Silvia was a very forceful young WRAF girl in the Com's centre and as it turns out a very vengeful one.
    I arranged to have all the lights turned on as I gave her vaginal massage on the sports field opposite the Armada club.
    This duly happened as she sat astride me in nowt but stockings and suspenders thrilling about two hundred jack and jenny's assembled on the club veranda.
    Apparently she found this not to her liking although to her credit she did blag it out and finish the rutting.
    I fell asleep (bad move) in Aggie Weston's a few days later after a very energetic night with Silvia.
    She then divested me of my swim wear and I slept on until 4 pm when mommies and babies hour started, and was rudely awakened and asked to leave.
    In the two hours sleep I had had, I had cooked my sun virgin toggle and two to a very fetching red colour.
    The ensuing sun burn gave me many fond memories of Silvia every time I tried to walk,sit, dress or undress over the next three days. Pissing was not a great laugh either.
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  14. Not mine but stolen from the WWW. Bugis St today:


    I think it's all a bit tame nowadays. The Government decided everything should be clean and tidy and they made it so. There are some very nice places to socialise but some need a second mortgage to do so and the likes of Bugis St are so staid now that nuns are taking up residence. The Four Floors is still up and running, which is nice, but I'm afraid those side roads full of adventure are now just part of a concrete jungle that would make the septics proud and gone are the slutty ladies/whatever, who are waiting to pounce on Jack and love him long time.

    In my book, Bangkok is still right up there for fun but for sheer clunge quality I'm yet to find a better place than Saigon (or whatever we're supposed to call it now...Hocheeseminge isn't it). Both still have that 'rawness' about them and aren't pretending to be immaculate examples of modern cities........did I mention the clacker?
  15. Can't seem to see the concrete pill box / heads!
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  16. Borrowed another pic :eek:mg:

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  17. That place had a life of its own.

    Anyone else try and piss like a mountain climber? Feet on the walls and not touching the, could you call it floor! More flood plain of piss!
  18. Thing is we had it the old way and as a memory you can keep it as long as you live.
    Thank god I was able to enjoy it whilst it lasted, it ain't like any of us shipping out there again for a three yearer.
    Because there was no Internet, or fast track watchdog, we enjoyed a way of life there that would be impossible nowadays, with fuckin satellites and computer cams.
    If the technology of today existed then, we would not have been able to enjoy the place as we did.
    You'd be bagging off in Nesoon and some fuckin nerdy jack (we all knew one, white rats,) would be sending web-cam pics back to your missus, or worse still your mom.
    The plus side would have been think of the brill home movies we could have made, although hiding them with a view to not getting killed by wife etc might have proved, er difficult.
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  19. The first time I went in there I was wearing flip flops......... BIG mistake!
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  20. I think I may have had a bottle of Tiger in there.........

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