Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by Stirlin, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. Stayed in the Armara in 88, got a cracking "Ark Royal ships company deal", I seem to remember not being willing to pay the ridiculous price to eat in there!

    Is there still an armed forces club opposite Raffles?

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  2. Dunno if the Brit Club is still there but had hours of fun on the 10 lane Scalextric track , got faster as the Tiger was flowing paying local youngsters a few cents to put your car back on track :).
  3. Arghh! You had to mention Tiger didn't you ... went on a brewery run in '86 and lost a day of my life!

    If anyone goes there for the Independence day parade in the football stadium its a good day and the firework display pisses over anything in this country including NYE!
  4. Timeline1951: Construction of the Britannia Club began.
    1952: The Britannia Club was officially opened by Governor-General Malcolm Macdonald.
    1967: The British announced plans to accelerate the withdrawal of its forces in the Far East.
    1971: The Britannia Club was closed down.
    1972: The Singapore government bought over the property.
    1974: The building was given to the newly formed SAF NCO Club.
    1994: The SAF NCO Club was renamed to the SAF Warrant Officers and Specialists Club.
    2001: The SAF (WOSE) Club moved to new premises.
    2002: The SAF (WOSE) Club was officially opened in Boon Lay Way and was renamed The Chevrons.
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  5. A fast black from Nee Soon to the brit club swimming ,then a slow stroll through the park to the Union jack club or a meal and a rest, read the Straits times. Then upstairs to grab a seat near the bar for the talent show,the last act always won because we were all to pissed to recall the rest.You had to buy your Tiger tops two at a time. Then to Bougis street[can't spell it] for bottles of screech and a red hot roast chicken which you tore to pieces and yaffeled bare handed. A chew from a lady boy was optional.
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  6. Had to have it 'Top's' though to make it go down faster. :D
  7. Was there in 79 with Group 8 Deployment to Far East and Australia. Starboard side to at Sambawang and taxi into Singa's. Definatly remember Tiger beer and trying to play tennis in a monsoon on a clay tennis court!! I think that may have been the Union Jack Club or other Brit establishment.:cool:
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  8. Small world eh? I may have been having a beer next to you in Sembawang on that deployment ;)
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  9. Nice one! Great trip that was. :)
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  10. At least they let you in Singers JFH, unlike Melbourne eh?! :eek:
  11. I was detached to the Fort Grange between Sydney and Freemantle (820 Squadron), I got the Melbourne run :)
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  12. I was on that one - but flew back from Sydney for course in C'Wood so missing Singers (and NZ and Fiji and HK and too many others to moan about....) :(
    (Sorry, is this not the 'still bitter and twisted' post?)
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  13. We never went to Hong Kong in the end; so it's not as bad as you may have thought it was all these years. ;):D
  14. Gosh thanks! Feel so much better!! :)
  15. I know I could probably use Google but what would be the fun in that?

    Is Tiger Balm Garden still there? And open?
  16. I am in/out of Singers on a regular basis and haven't heard of it @Pontius may be able to assist.

  17. Still there but goes under a different name these days

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