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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lamri, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Very funny, will pass that around the office tomorrow.
  2. Whilst there are some Afghans and others to be seen in London the overwhelming majority of people you will see wearing turbans in the UK are Sikhs. Whilst the lyrics to this song do scan in an amusing fashion they lead to a mistaken understanding of the threat this country faces. After 9/11 people were shot in the USA for wearing turbans by lunatic rednecks. Whilst things like the song are funny up to a point it is very dangerous to use this type of stereotype and plays into the hands of the real terrs who just walk down the street in jeans and tee shirt dress like you and me and fade into the background.

    Before anyone bothers to accuse me of being PC about this - this has nothing to do with political correctness at all but is about not being distracted from the fight against terrorists by silly rubbish like this song. Most of this sort of material originates in the USA where the people who create and disseminate it are (I hope) too thick to realise that actually they are playing right into the hands of terrorists.

    (I presume no one needs a history lesson on the valiant contribution Sikhs made to the first and Second World Wars and other parts of the colonial process which some people think was such a great thing)

    Have a nice day yall :bball:
  3. I bet the Sikhs find the video clip hilarious.
    Used to drink with a couple in Kenya, good sense of humour and they love their beer
  4. Yeah, boring :roll:
    Take it as it is meant or don't bother listening to it. Easy.
    No need for the theatricals really, it was on the Howard Stern Show FFS not Panorama!!

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