Simpsons ditched

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SILVER_FOX, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. The Simpsons rock, lets have at them with all guns blazing.
  2. Does this mean the Venezuelans prefer Pamela Anderson to Marge Simpson?

    They have no soul.
  3. If there was ever a tv programme that needed removing, it's the simpsons.
  4. are you Mister Burns in disguise :thumright: :angel12:
  5. The Simpsons have been described as a good role model for the "nuclear family" - they have their problems but they stick together!!!

    I can see though that it is not kids entertainment as much as Viz is not really suitable as a kids comic.

    If this is a reflection of today's society I do not know and it is far too late to argue about it anyway.

    More than likely though the Simpsons showed Presiden Chavez (note the name!) in some sort of bad light.

  6. Smithers...release the hounds!
  7. steady now Waylon you will need permission from Charles Montgomery :thumright: :angel12:
  8. Nuke em!!!

    How can anybody possibly live without "THE SIMPSON'S"
  9. Yeah, cos most of Chavez' proclamations are worthy of airtime. The man is Stalin for Latin America
  10. Chavez, eat my shorts.

  11. So they ditched the comic 'carton' with wit, sarcasm, real life and such for a show that features big boobed women running up and down a beach.....................where exactly is the sense in that??

  12. ...for God's sake, point me in that direction.........please!!!!!!!
  13. Don't worry lads, big boobs or not, as they'll be wearing flowing black garments head to foot.....
  14. Bring back Four Feather Falls
  15. It's no surprise that Chavez has banned an American documentary.
  16. POL - that is so frightenly true.


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