simplified map of London

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by golden_rivet, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    made oi laaarrrffff
  2. with Red Ken in power very much longer, all of london will be the losers !!


    (roll on retirement... sunny climes here I come)
  3. Map of UK Mainland with description of major areas.


    Nutty "Going deep shut off for attack"
  4. Thing is, having been born and bred in London, I would NEVER live there again after living in Devon. Even going back to London to visit is a ballache because the place is disgusting.
    Pompey is the same for me, but full of mockney chavs.
  5. Against living in Devon

    Cost of Houses
    Low Wages
    Lack of employment opportunities, especially for the young
    Poor infrastructure
    Poor higher education opportunites except Exeter Uni.
    Distance from the rest of UK
    Poor transport links


    Its pretty

  6. Houses aren't expensive here.
    Wages are on a par with most of the UK
    What lack of employment opportunities?
    Poor Infrastructure? How do you know?
    Excellent Higher Education Opportunities I think you'll find.
    Distance from the rest of the UK ? What?
    Poor Transport links? M5 not good enough for you then? 3.5 Hours from Guzz to London not good enough then?

    Do me a favour Nutty, you don't know what you're talking about mate.
  7. Compare House prices with the SE about the same. Look in thr Sunday Press.
    Compare anything else with the South East its no contest. (I refer you to my map)
    What job opportunities are there in Falmouth

    Last time I drove from Plymouth, on Sunday October 7th 2007 to Bechenham SE London, it took me 5 hours, stopping only once for a piss and petrol just as it did on my last trip in 2005.

  8. Made me laugh this morning so I posted it on ARRSE too. Credit to Nutty and GR given of course.
  9. How long has Falmouth been in bloody Devon Nutty ?
    The South East has for a long time had an over inflated sense of its own worth.
    As for house prices, you can still pick up a house here for around £100,000. Can you do that in London?

    Oh, and as far as I can remember, there isn't a place called Bechenham in London.
    Beckenham perhaps? ;)
  10. When we are down to worrying about spelling and a County border when you well know I mean anywhere outside Plymouth and that is not really awash with decent employment then its time to refrain from further comment..

  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry Lamri I am with Nutty on this one - apart from Plymouth (which is a hole on par with Portsmouth (and I live there reluctantly, well Southsea); Both have good and bad aspects, equally both have good and bad areas.

    There is nowhere in the region that attracts decent salaries, what is the major industry, oggy production and tourist fleecing! Bristol is okay, but anywhere else, I think not.

    House prices - maybe over inflated in the SE but if you want to live within striking distance of London, Reading, Bracknell, Fleet or Slough then that's what you have to pay.

    Horses for courses - Devon and Cornwall, oustanding beauty but feck all else.
    And don't get me wrong either I'm not overly defending Pompey (christ no) or the SE. They are just a necessary evil.

    Oh to be back in Northumberland....... :crybaby:
  12. Take a stroll round Alderley Edge or Nether Alderley Cheshire.

    I had one prat follow me in his Merc with me and my son looking unkempt having just walked a twelve miler in the rain. He went past then slowly came back. May have been after my autograph thinking I was of them there footballer types from round there but I doubt it. We took the footpath over the fields so that was him outa the game. Prat!

    Best place round there when you emerge out of the woodland is the small bungalow with the lake which is the dining room for the house across the road smile you are on candid camera!!.
  13. Thank god for that.
  14. Thats my point.
    Having been born there, I wouldn't want to live anywhere near the place. Lets face it, its a sh1thole. The whole area.
    Life isn't all about "How Much" my house is worth, or how long it takes to get into London.
    Its about being happy, and living this far away from London makes me happy :)
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Agree, its (they) are sh1tholes, but they are the places that have the jobs that I want to do - necessary evils and all that.
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    And for me, having a significant body of water between home and London increases the happiness factor! :)
  17. You could say that again Mr Oak Avenue :D
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Frayed knot - I moved over the summer and didn't forward the mail! :party:
  19. Bugger! :(

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