Simple pleasures


Lantern Swinger
What makes you happy but costs nothing?

Mine is watching my 5 month old daughter exploring the world, she's so aware watches everything and is such a happy little thing it just fils me with joy :):):)


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Ok, I'll be serious. The time with your kids is priceless, Drew, record as much as you can, it's over so soon. I was going through some photos last monday and came across one of the littlest miss blobby on her first day of school, backpack, spice girls lunch box etc, funny thing was monday was the first day of her last year at school....and she drove there!! (Feb is the start of the new school year down here).

I like sunrise, I get to see enough of them! I can start work in the dark, drive up a billy goat track then watch the sunrise coming up over the mountains or the Pacific ocean. It can be ******* awesome.
It's bit more simple as you get older,A good days golf with a good round under the belt,drinks and a steak dinner.
Finding a new Jazz/blues song book and playing the Songs in it.
My latest is Jamie Cullum,he can be a bit of an irksome little shit sometimes but he can play and with Clint Eastwood has composed some good songs.
Kids and Grandkids are too grown up now to tickle them under the chin!


Lantern Swinger
Simply waking up is a good start to any day

Golf/Dog walking - both a good opportunity to see parts of the countryside not normally explored :-D

for me the simple pleasures in life should require no or very little expenditure (golf subs excepted)

be greatful for what you have, managage your expectations wisely and endeavour to treat people (Finks excluded :laughing2:) in a way you would like to be treated yourself
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