Simonstown 60's

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by tammy, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone remember 'Tudor Mansions' in Cape Town during the sixties?
    Great times were had with the crowd who lived and visited there.
  2. Tammy: Sorry never went to Simonstown, nearest I got was hearing their radio callsign on the air when I was 'tuning' around a bit...
  3. I do, and the "Britannia bar and "Dixies"

    I had my 18th birthday run in the Brit in '68.

    Then on to Muzenburgh and fish hook, maybee LLandudno, but always The Navi's den in Capetown.
    1 Rand =11/6d
  4. And my question, is Tammy anything to do with where you live?
  5. :lol: :lol: Tea bone Steak at the Cattleman, Sea Point. Then Navs Den, Darylls and finally Catacombs (cape brandy, coke and ice) happy days :wink: :wink:
  6. You are a bad scouse cus you forgot "Spurs" :oops:
  7. Hi Rumrat and Scouse,
    I used to live there then. I'm trying to contact anyone who may remember visiting us there - also if I could remember who was there!! Trying to contact another 'scouse' who was either on HMS Lynx or Leopard at the time.
  8. Don't suppose you know the Kaffa taxi driver who nicked my grip with my civvies in it do you :cry:
  9. Try putting an advert in The Navy News , its at no cost. Dont think the ships have an association??found this site if it helps Royal Navy Memories Although dedicated to HMS Devonshire & HMS Leopard the site is available to anyone with a tale from their time in, or association with or interest in, ... Ps always thought their was a Cat class association for Lynx/Leopard and Puma??
  10. I thought that as well and tried finding it no avail.
    I ,served in the Puma, and wanted to look up some of my oppo's from the early '70's but drew a blank.
    Talking of Simonstown again, when you got your first eyeball of apartheid its a bit of a culture shock isn't it.
    One night I was coming back from a very "Wet" run in the Spurs or Navi's and got in a "NON BLANC" bit of the train. Christ all mighty the Afrikaner guard was throwing a wobbly fit to bust. I tells him politly to shut the fcuk up and that I don't mind sharing with the black geezers.
    He then drops it on me in a way I could not answer,
    "How about they don't want to share with you?
    End of story!!
  11. Could that be the gear I saw being sold at the market on the Parade?
    Thanks for replying and your great humour. Yep, our country was in a "right" state then - can't say much has improved since, either!
  12. You absoulutely astound me mate (In the nicest possible way ) you know more than my missus and she knows everything. When I married her I threw all my books away as I had her.
    Where do you find all this info, every thing I have mentioned you have come up with some real good shit.
    I take my hat off to you sir, and I appreciate all you have guided me to.
    My trouble with the PUMA F34 is that although I was in her for a year I never went to sea as she was in the Reserve Ship Unit in 1973 and she went from there to scrap. (After I left) We had the Caprice there as well and the lads were getting her ready for her famouse race against the Cavalier. (She Lost Cavalier won)
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  13. No body has mentioned District 6!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: in Cape Town :oops:
  14. Look I am just explaining to my missus who is sat right here that area or district 6 is where all the nice people live in Cape Town and its where we used to go for our culture, isn't that right scouse.

    She's gone now,so

    Yeah it was Fcuking great but dangerouse after dark like scotch bum.
  15. I can remember driving a pussers staff car in Capetown, late 60s. Went from Simonstown to a police station on the far side of Capetown, to pick up a deserter from another ship and on the way back got lost and went through District 6. The residents appeared to resent the intrusion judging by the bottles, cans and other things they threw at us. F*cking scary, me the prisoner and the escort were all sh*tting ourselves. Needless to say I was very glad of my late tot when I finished driving duties that day.
  16. Do you remember on the "Non Blanc's" pay day they all seemed to have jam jars full of some kind of Alcohol that seemed to be very potent, or was it just that they were "Light Weights" as they were always shiters and staggering about.
    And when you were patrol in Cape Town the old bill would take you down area 6 sight seeing, and just walk into the houses unannounced.
    Christ the things we saw happening when you walked in, it was great entertainment, and free.
  17. we always kicked off (literally) at delmonicas, upstairs,huge bar,all the castle boat crews, then on to the grand for a stake and later dist6 to the mermaid club happy days!

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