silver jubilee review spithead

Discussion in 'History' started by Sumo, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. If this works some thing for the older or not so old members, should be a link to a navy news 1977, centre pages gives the vessles attending, is anything there still in-service?

    197706 Navy News Jun 77=
  2. Nice find Sumo, Interesting read not that I am that old of course ( cough, cough ):winkrazz:
  3. I was getting bladdered down the Barbican whilst all that malarkey was going on.
  4. Gold Rover is the only one still in UK service. Amazon, Alacrity and Arrow are struggling on with Pakistan and of course Hermes is doing the same in India. Pretty much all the other "visitor" navy ships are also gone. Thirty-five years is along time.....
  5. I was on Danae through drafted from Gurka, we ended up adjacent to each other, so not only could I wave the Queen but to my old shipmates as well, all leave by liberty boat, pain in the arse.
  6. I was in Faslane and told I couldnt leave the boat for my pre leaving course ( cant remember what it was called) as I was required to go down to the review, told big L, I will be in my bunk untill I get the ok to piss off inboard for release, couple of hours later I was on my way to civvie street.

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